Monday, June 3, 2013

Ice Blast Mr. Freeze!

I'm unsure at what point these 6" Batman figures by Mattel were no longer released under the "Power Attack" banner, but Freeze here is bereft of the former logo. They did the same with the Brave & The Bold line, but at least it got the Stealth Strike rebrand, this line now simply "Batman".  As I said on my recent post on the 4" versions, these are what is sometimes referred to as an "evergreen line",  independent of any television or movie merchandising tie-in.  These took the place of the Brave & The Bold/Stealth Strike line, satisfying a younger demographic with their chunky styling and sturdy construction. I'm a big fan of the now discontinued Brave & The Bold/Stealth Strike line, so it's natural I'd find these colorful figures attractive, similar in their exaggerated, cartoon styling. Check out the little movie below...

Freeze is a big, dumb action figure with a lot of eye-appeal, which I can appreciate. His translucent blue arms, chest, helmet and weapon make him a dazzler, and his chunky appendages make him fun. There's not a lot of articulation in these, limited to the waist, shoulders, elbows and hips on Freeze. While he's an original version of the famous enemy of Batman, he takes cues from some of the different animated incarnations, notably the hulking armor from The Batman, whose own Mr. Freeze also received an "Ice Blast" Mr. Freeze action figure just a few years back.

Freeze holds his giant sword securely in both hands, and can do so over his head without tipping over, his large splayed feet keeping him firmly in place. There aren't many other positions he can pose in, but he does this well. While Mattel's choice of accessory is unconventional, I suppose it's deemed more palatable than a gun  for the impressionable children that may be playing with these. The sword snaps snugly onto a fitting sculpted on Freeze's back for safe keeping- a simple feature I really love...

Freeze is a great looking action figure that any kid would love to play with, my only gripe being the somewhat flimsy arms. Like the Killer Croc figure in this line, Mattel outfitted this otherwise sturdy action figure with rubber arms that make the elbow joints seem mildly fragile, particularly the left arm, which oddly has a harder, plastic forearm. The connection there seems tenuous, as it does where the rubber shoulders meet the plastic torso. It won't get a lot of abuse from the adult me, but I could see how Freeze could lose an arm under rigorous play. That said, Croc and Freeze are the most unique of the villains in this line, larger and more aesthetically interesting than Joker & Two-Face.

Be sure to see my video of Croc & Freeze taking on the Dynamic Duo...!!

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  1. Freeze has a terrific look. I love the clear plastic.

  2. I like the look of him and have seen him in stores once or twice, but have yet to bite.