Sunday, May 26, 2013

4" Batman Power Attack Figures

I found these for five bucks each at Big Lots recently, and had enjoyed my Batman & Robin from the 6" line of these action figures so much that I thought I'd pick a few up. The Power Attack line was unusual in their independence of any television or movie merchandising tie-in, what is sometimes referred to as an "evergreen line". These took the place of the Brave & The Bold/Stealth Strike line, and were produced for younger children, with their chunky styling and sturdy construction. There was another armored 4" Batman I liked, but I settled on the classic and black & red variant...

I've seen some Power Attack figures this size included with playsets in the line, but not any single carded 4" figures until now. They are very simple in their articulation, limited to five points, but dynamic in their styling. You aren't getting the kind of detail seen in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line, or even the recent Avengers figures, but they were half the price. Mattel has to remember that constantly returning, younger demographic needs reintroduction to the Batman characters every few years, a place this line falls into much like the Fisher-Price DC Super Heroes line that has seen several incarnations over the last many years.

These are pretty much an exact, miniature replica of the larger scaled 6" Power Attack Batman, who has many variants throughout the line. The larger versions are pretty simply articulated, but do enjoy hinged elbows, a swivel waist, and ball-jointed heads. I do however like the natural way the swivel joints look on these small Batmen, and their cloth capes are nice...

I passed on a pretty cool 6" Power Attack Batman in black & red recently. though I do have a thing for the Dark Knight Detective rendered in this color scheme, and own a few including the Stealth Strike Knight Battle Batman...

I also picked up this small yet psychotic-looking, pompadoured Joker. I passed on the 6" version recently, but I must say I admire this updated version with straight jacket straps across the front. His coloring takes influence from the classic Clown Prince of Crime, but his razor-toothed smile and beady eyes remind me of the insane asylum version who starred in the 2004-2008 Batman animated show.  There are some simple, but dynamic details in his sculpt, the coat tails being particularly nice, adding movement to the this heavily stylized action figure....

4" Power Attack Joker with accessory rich 9" Hasbro Joker & 6" DCUC All-Star Joker, cute & kid-friendly Imaginext Joker by Fisher Price, and the  pop gun-wielding Mattel DC Action League Joker....

More Later- Keep SMILING!


  1. 4 inches? Hmm....Wonder if they will make it down here...

  2. I've seen these at CVS for like $8.99 or something ridiculous! For $5 each they seem like a decent deal - the Joker would be worth picking up for sure, but I've never seen him in person.

  3. Might have to look into this thanks for the heads up on these Super-D. I have a Big Lots trip planned for the day now. : )

  4. Your photos are still the class of the field.

  5. I love all the character group shots. That's how my collections are organized and it's always my favorite way to see displays. Love your site!

    1. Thanx Fantastic Girl! I am a fan of yours as well :)