Sunday, September 29, 2013

Aug-Sept.Figure Acquisitions!

What can I say? I love toys! LOL! A few things I found at retail this past couple months...

*Marvel Universe 3 3/4" Iron Fist, Elektra, Mysterio, Nova, & Iron Man
Any new Hasbro Marvel Universe figures have come far & few between in local retail locations I was finding them a couple years ago- some waves we just never saw here on the street. Needless to say, I was really enthusiastic about finding some of these spread throughout the county in the past month. I'd probably save time & gas money just ordering online, but it's nice to get out & about, and the thrill of the hunt in undeniable.

*Iron Man 3 2-packs, Strange Tales box set, & Hulk/Iron Man 2-pack MiniMates.
My God- I'll never be done with the MiniMates! I've building up my  6" & 3 3/4" Iron Man Armory this year, and more recently within my MiniMates collection. I've finally gathered all the Iron Man 3 wave, as well as the recent Hulk/Iron Man 2-pack featuring ol' Shellhead in his Marvel NOW! black & gold. Sweet. And I could not pass on that Strange Tales 4-pack with Morbius the Vampire, Blade, Werewolf  By Night, and Dr. Strange himself, the latter two I'm currently reading Marvel Essential volumes of... too much fun, Kids...    :D

*Funko POP! Heroes Batman Beyond Vinyl Figure
I guess this is like my fifth one of these little vinyl Funkos, two of which are bobbleheads. I am still a big fan of Batman Beyond, both in concept & character, so I went crazy when I saw this! I also spotted a Nightwing, Harley-Quinn, and Darkseid, but I got bills to pay. I am mad for these!  

*Batman Unlimited 6" Beware the Batman & Vampire Batman
I have mad love for Mattel's variety of 6" Batman figures, of which they've delivered several the last few years. I've waited anxiously to see these in person, the only two I've found yet went straight into the basket. I knew I'd take the Beware the Batman home when I found him, but seeing the Vampire Batman in person convinced me instantly to buy him as well. Just in time for Halloween! I've passed over the Mattel '66 Batman figures several times because I was really waiting to see these...

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Great pick ups. I have yet to grab some of those Batman Unlimited figures, but I plan to soon. I bet your display cases look filled with toy goodness. I'm sure I speak for us al when I say we want to see the display cases.

  2. Loving the MUs! They quit selling them down here!!!

  3. Oooh love that Batman Beyond. I know I'll be nabbing Harley when I see her, and now I may have to get this one too!

    Not sure about the Vampire Batman, looking forward to your full review, it may be the deciding factor for me. And I'm not a fan of Beware the Batman yet, but a nice new animation inspired action figure is hard to pass up. I'll decide on that one when i see it in person, but I'm leaning towards getting it already.

  4. Awesome grabs Super-D! The Beware the Batman figure is one that has my interest i hope to see a review it soon.

  5. Beware the Batman is a great figure as is that Marvel Universe Mysterio. I always loved his look and at that size it's an amazing piece of design. I hope we get a Katana and Alfred figure. Do you know if that cartoon will be getting it's own toy line. I loved The Batman toys.