Thursday, October 10, 2013

ToyBiz 5" Cable Figures, 1995

I recently scored these two ToyBiz 5" Cable action figures on eBay, my enthusiasm reinvigorated by reading the Cable/Hope books, in which our man-out-of-time time-slides ever further into a post-apocalyptic future to rescue the infant from Bishop during the Messiah Wars. Riveting! 

I became fascinated with Cable after reading the first forty issues of X-Force a couple years ago, and the soldier from the future, son of the X-Men's Cyclops, became somewhat an obsession of mine. A young musician and art student at the time of Cable's introduction in Marvel Comics, my mind was elsewhere, having shed my childhood interests and became a man. I'm oddly fascinated with pop culture of the 90's now, for all it's good and bad highlights, much as I am with the '70s and '80s. Perhaps Cable is a symbol of my recently rekindled love for comics and action figures- myself a visitor from the future, in a manner of speaking, visiting a time now gone through my adventures here on the Super-DuperToyBox!

Released in the middle of the decade, these practically scream '90s! I hadn't really intended on opening them- the colorful packaging is part of their appeal, and they will look great pinned on the wall with some of my other carded Marvel figures. Urban Assault Cable features a shoulder-mounted missile launcher, and Cable Cyborg has a giant rifle and removable face and arm plates that expose the ravages of our hero's techno-organic virus. Rad! These are simple in their articulation like the 10" Marvel Universe line released around the same time, ToyBiz just a few short years away from producing the much lauded and superior articulated Marvel Legends line in 2002, indelibly changing the action figure as we knew it before. Still, I have a great appreciation for simplicity, a trait not likely associated with these two figures in their time with their paint detailing and multiple accessories. There were a few other variations of the character released by ToyBiz in this scale, but I like Cable dressed in his 90's X-Men blue & yellow. The back of the packaging is covered with photos of other action figures/toys from the X-Men & X-Force lines, including a fun looking Blackbird Jet and Sentinel!  Enjoy...

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  1. My favorite is the first figure. Nailed his comic book look. Awesome line Xforce was.

  2. I love the 90's stuff ToyBiz released.They're fun toys and pop when on display.I love the sculpts as well.Usually the feet were wide and sturdy enough to display the figure without the use of any stands.

  3. I like the classic look with its bright colours that made this figure an almost accurate rendition of the classic cartoon.

  4. My two favorite Cable figures, I actually combined these two, the head and arms of Urban on to Cyborg's body to make the ultimate Cable figure.

  5. Pretty sure my Cables had a nasty fire work encounter in my younger days...... I regret that.
    Thanks Super D!

  6. I was never a fan of Cable because Leifeld made him look like a muscle bound freak. THEN I read the stuff with him and Hope and I changed my mind on him. For all the deaths I have seen in comic books, his was the most heroic and done out of love. That is the cable I choose to remember. His new stuff is pretty good too.