Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hasbro & ToyBiz Deluxe Marvel Figures

Occasionally I get so wrapped up in what the hot new action figures are, that I neglect to share some some of the great stuff in my collection here at the Super-DuperToyBox. I have twenty five or so of these 10" Deluxe Marvel Universe figures ToyBiz produced at the end of the 90's, several still factory sealed with the price tag intact. ToyBiz produced the Marvel Legends line prior to Hasbro, who got the license after Marvel absorbed ToyBiz to pull out of bankruptcy in 1998. These are big, dumb action figures with limited articulation, and though I wasn't paying much attention to action figures during that decade, I am inextricably drawn to them. The large, four color window boxes are splashy and fun, too! I keep several of these out on display, both in and out of package, and was reminded of them when buying some of the new Titan Hero series figures by Hasbro- similarly oversized figures with limited articulation and paint application. The Black Panther (1999) and civilian dress Ben Grimm (1998) are a couple favorites I found online when I started this blog 3 yrs ago...

And lest we not forget Ben's Fantastic Four team mate, the Human Torch with his fireball accessory (2000)! Actually, the "Marvels" series stamp below the window may or may not differentiate him as the original Golden Age Human Torch...

At one time I had a 9" ToyBiz Storm dolly in this white outfit, but never opened this 10" Marvel Universe Storm (1997) who also came with a cloth cape. She's in pristine condition...

Speaking of the X-Men, ToyBiz also released these under the Uncanny X-Men, X-Force, Spider-Man Iron Man, Ghost Rider, and Fantastic Four banners as well. Pictured below is the Deluxe Wolverine from '96 with the 2013 Titan Hero Wolverine...

Pictured below: ToyBiz Marvel Universe Capt. Marvel with Hasbro Titan Hero series Capt. America (left), and ToyBiz Marvel Universe Spider-Man 2099 with Hasbro Titan Hero series Ultimate Spider-Man. The Titan Hero figures are about 1 1/2" taller than the old ToyBiz figures, but take up a smaller footprint with their more erect stance. Most of the ToyBiz had elbow and knee articulation, but the Titan Heroes have ball-jointed heads, and swivel forearms or boot tops.

Below: Hasbro Titan Hero series Iron Patriot with ToyBiz Dr. DoomSee more of my posts on these 10" ToyBiz figures: Polaris with Cable, Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider, Gambit, Heroes Unmasked Spider-Man, and Moon Knight!

And finally, a couple from these two lines in larger buck, the ToyBiz X-Men series Beast with Hasbro Titan Hero series Hulk. For the record, the earlier ToyBiz figures seem heftier and more solid than the new Hasbro Titan Heroes. Both were produced to wow the consumer with size to promote value, but they're just big, dumb action figures, and I like that about them...    :)

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  1. Never anything wrong with Big Dumb Action Figures! (BDAF) I loved these and they made for good display. I especially like that Beast which is unabashedly from the animated show. I am a total sucker for larger Marvel figures. I actually bought a Famous Covers Dr. Doom a couple of years back, and he's still in his box on my bookshelf, mainly because he smells god awful at this point from the soft plastic they used. UGH! Looks great, though! lol

  2. They look classic/retro! Nothing wrong with being big dumb action figures! If i had these then I'd display them proudly in my cabinet.

  3. Those Toy Biz ones fit in well with those new Titan classic figures pretty cool.

  4. I bought Captain America back when they were available and cut off his wings and repainted him to be Goliath from the Masters of Evil. I was obsessed with the UnderSeige storyline at the time.

  5. Did Black Panther ever wear a cape, or do you think they were trying to pull a fast one on parents who may inadvertently think they were buying their kid a Batman toy?!