Monday, January 27, 2014

A Vs X MiniMates

I haven't yet read the A Vs X saga, but not out of lack of interest, rather lack of time. I passed on the TRU exclusive A Vs X MiniMates box set, which also included a Cyclops figure, my only regret having missed out on that Phoenix Killer Iron Man. Though I don't care much about Colossus as Juggernaut, this 2012 SDCC set had Hope Summers, and a nice Emma Frost. I also paid less for it and got free combined shipping with some other MiniMates on Amazon. Even if you didn't need another Cyclops MiniMate, this set has a lot going for it.

From what I understand, Colossus gained Cain Marko's Juggernaut powers during the Fear Itself story arc, where the majority of this character mash-up is played out. But the resolution of Piotr's new power is supposedly played out in A Vs. X, and so here we are, in spite of my marginal enthusiasm.

 I will say the helmet is spectacular, the colors vibrant, and I like the beefed-up MiniMates. He pairs really well with my Robot Hulk!

Like Wolverine, stick with any major action figure line of Marvel characters and you'll end up with a few Cyclops figures, but this one's special for his optic-blast visor accessory cast in translucent red. Mine is  hilariously bent like a limp bar of taffy, but it's a wonderful accessory!

Cyclops also comes with a regular visor and Scott Summers toupee. Admittedly, I like most all of the character's different outfits, probably because they are so similar and simple, so this modern version suits me fine. Diamond thoughtfully painted his gauntlets and boot tops underneath his accessory parts, so you can trim him down in size if you please. Nice.

A Vs X Cyclops with X-Factor and 90's Cyclops...

Emma Frost is somewhat of a vanilla MiniMate, but a deceptively great one. the cape clasp is simple but perfectly placed, a bustier strap molded onto overlay piece. Her oversized mane of blonde hair is appropriately glam, and lips understatedly lavender. I'm surprised delighted by this tiny temptress! Emma had shady beginnings as the White Queen of Sebastian Shaw's Hellfire Club, then starting a psychic love affair with Cyclops, who seems to have run amuck lately himself- it must be love!

Emma contrasts nicely with Crimson Viper, a character from the Capcom Street Fighter game, don't you think?  

Though the other figures in this set were nice enough, Hope Summers was the the motivation for this purchase. I read those Messiah War Cable books recently, and really enjoyed them. Hope is of interest to me due to her savior, Cable, but more well known for her status as first born mutant after the House of M event, whereafter the mutant population on Earth-616 was nearly wiped out.

Hope comes with a pistol that can be holstered, an oversized rifle Cable would be proud to carry, and a magnificent blast-off jet pack display that rocks hard. Behold...

The three-part assembly of this base is a little on the delicate side possessing more pieces to come apart when handling, but it stands up well enough, and plainly clever. Bravo!

Hope pairs nicely with X-Factor Jean Grey, their orange hair and green/yellow outfits- cute!

Hope Summers with Pepper Potts in her Rescue Armor...

This was a fun set I'd recommend to any Marvel MiniMates fan! All the parts worked well, and Diamond's attention to detail was superb. I was a fan of their Marvel Select figures first, but soon after won over by their MiniMates in a BIG way   :)  Be sure to visit the MiniMate Database!

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. This is a very cool set! First off, I have to agree, I do not care for Colossus being the new Juggernaut story line. It was not one of my favorites at all. I love the visor piece on Cyclops, that is just too cool, but that jet pack with Hope is amazing! Emma Frost is one of my favorite characters, which isn't saying much as pretty much all the X-Men characters are my favorites, lol but this is a nice version.

    I really like your photos and how you wrote this. I haven't collected that many Minimates before, but I have a few and this article totally gives me the bug to get some more. Great article!

    1. thank you, Nice Lady! Yes, the girls in this set took the cake :)