Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nova/Venom MiniMates 2-pack

I read the first six issues of  the relaunched Marvel NOW! Nova title last year, which I enjoyed immensely, only stopping to sample some other titles while sticking to the monthly comics budget. While I wasn't into that type of cosmic comics as a child, I've grown to love them as an adult, my interest in the character growing due to his tie-in with the Guardians of the Galaxy, War of Kings, and Annihilation books published in the last few years. Venom, on the other hand, caught my attention as an older teen, through Amazing Spider-Man, around 1990.

This set came with a lot of extra accessories, some for Venom to be stripped down to his human form, Eddie Brock. The Venom head is fantastic on this, his trademark, gnarly teeth and giant tongue wagging out in front! He also came with a snaking arm to use in place of one of his huge hands. These larger MiniMates have somewhat clunky articulation due to their girth, but I do love them. Diamond released a Venom Through the Ages box set recently that includes a Venom much like this one, as well as an Agent Venom/Flash Thompson

Nova's helmet can be removed to reveal Sam Alexander's face, the latest member of the Nova Corps, son to a former Nova Centurion. Diamond did a nice job on Sam's hair sculpt, emulating the style of artist Ed McGuiness, of whose work I'm a big fan of. 

Sam also comes with two helmets, one an alternate gold- Fun! Diamond didn't have to do that, but I'm glad they did. He also came with a a translucent blue flight base, true to Sam's depiction in the Marvel NOW! Nova title. Another, more traditional Nova Centurion in blue was recently released with Baron Zemo in a 2-pack, but I sure do live the glossy black on Sam here...

Since I now have a Venom MiniMate, what a perfect opportunity to have my Superior Spider-Man do battle...!

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  1. That head you used on venom is actually Jesse Alexander, so you are supposed to use it to make nova him.

    1. Any relation to Sam? Just kidding. I suspected, but the box did said Eddie on back-