Saturday, February 22, 2014

Recent Comics Pick-ups: New 52 World's Finest/Earth 2

World's Finest: Huntress/Power Girl Annual #1
I quit on this title some time ago to make room in the budget for some newer titles, but have kept up on Earth 2 so far. Still, I had to pick up this annual, a tie in to Earth 2 with a great cover featuring Wonder Woman, and a surprise ending involving... her child?? The forthcoming "First Contact" arc will feature the Earth Prime and Earth 2 characters meeting in the DC New 52 continuity. The artwork in this issue is fantastic!

Earth 2 #17, Earth 2 Annual #1 & 2
And While on the subject of Earth 2 and World's Finest, I should mention that while there is so much fun stuff going on in the Batman titles in the last year or more, the Caped Crusader has recently taken on a surreal role in this exciting new title. Helena/Huntress' Dark Knight father was destroyed in the first issue of Earth 2, saving the world from Darkseid's army of Apokolips, so the appearance of this mysterious, cowled character was thrilling! While his identity revealed in the second annual wasn't a complete surprise, considering the events of Flashpoint, it was fun to have Batman back, battling a possessed Superman with the Earth 2 heroes! The twisted tale of this other Batman's origin was far out, to say the least...

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