Tuesday, March 25, 2014

State of the Blog: 600 Posts Later.

I started this blog on Oct. 7th of 2010, and just posted my 600th post! It's not typical of me to draft a State of the Blog, but this hallmark time, and the recent retirement of a fellow blogger gave me pause to think, so here are a few random notes...

You may have noticed the frequency of my posts cut in half in the last couple years- the recent upward trend of my career accounts for a great deal of this. I work far more nowadays, but my business acumen has been sharpened, my realm of experience expanded, and professional contacts multiplied significantly. I have other hobbies that take time as well, including live & recorded music with multiple bands/songwriters throughout the years, fine arts painting, and my endless dabbling in photography and video- the latter two informed & expanded by working on this blog, one of three I write on as time permits. I'm busy.

My posts take time, research, and at least my best effort at writing. While I'm not going to win any Pulitzer Prize with my prose, I've rarely compromised on quality or my efforts to improve. Lazy blogging annoys me slightly- I take pride on all things I work on, and if it takes longer it just does. I don't understand when people apologize, and am not sorry if I don't get back at it for two or three weeks because I'm working on my career stuff, recording & performing music, working on some painting, or just hanging with the loved ones. It's been said that to be truly great at something, all else must be sacrificed- I'm not a believer in that statement. I want it all. I enjoy wearing different creative hats and believe they inspire one another. Variety is the spice of life.

I let all come here, and try to keep things fun for all to enjoy. I think that discourages a lot of negative feedback, and hopefully provides a nice refuge from the fear-mongering and manipulative corporate interest our dysfunctional media feeds us every day. Any registered user can comment, and are only moderated if the post is over two weeks old. I don't subject new comments to that ridiculous word verification either- I hate having to do that, and can't read half of them anyway. I'm not worried about lack of comments, and won't need any suggestions on what more you'd like to see here. This is my toy box and we're playing with my toys. I love sharing with you! Thank you for coming to this happy place! I removed all monetization for your browsing pleasure because I think it's a scam, and you didn't come here to watch a commercial.

Good luck to my friend on all his new endeavors! As for me, I'm gonna keep on truckin'- I'm not sure when I'll reach the end of the road as it were and don't care. I seem to slowly attract more page views as time goes by, and after posting something like 10,000 photos, my photography comes up  a lot in search engines. While it's true the blog platform may now be an antiquated social media, I enjoy it's longer format, Twitter's shorthand inadequate playground for my abilities. That said, I did recently start a Boyish Wonder Pinterest at the suggestion of our belated blogger. I will use it to supplement the Super-DuperToyBox, and will post things there that may not appear here.
More Later-Make It FUN!


  1. Great post. I can't believe you've been at this blogging thing for 3.5 years! I still think of you as one of the yungins'!

    I too have been doing some blogger soul searching, but agree that the long-form blog format still fits with my way of presenting this stuff, so I'll stick at it for a little while longer.

  2. Are you saying goodbye to Reis? I couldn't tell. I still have the same schedule myself. Running a restaurant is about the same all the time. Even keel.

    I will say, thanks for commenting on my blog when you have. Gracias!

  3. Congrats on 600! Keep up the great work!

  4. This is so cool that you have posted 600 posts! I am always in awe of your photos and I love checking in from time to time. I do agree, I prefer blogging over all the other forms of social connectedness we can do on the Internet, but I do enjoy the other places like Twitter and Instagram. I find that everyone has their preferences with how they would like to connect with people. Keep up the good work and I am very happy that you have made this milestone!

  5. I must confess to falling under the "lazy blogger" category LOL! There are times where all I want to do is show some pics and not have to give any explanation as to why.I will say that certain figures,primarily those that spark nostalgia,will get my fingers flailing.Anyways,keep up the amazing work Colin.You have a tremendous eye for art and It shines through every one of your posts ;)

  6. Congrats on 600! Look forward to more of your posts!

  7. Looking forward to reading and seeing more posts and pictures, Colin :) Nice to know everything's turning up SWELL. Take Care & God Bless!

  8. 600 posts? That's remarkably a great amount. Oftentimes, I think and wonder how many posts and action figure reviews will I get to create after 5 years of doing this knowing that I get easily distracted at other stuffs or feel tired and lazy.

  9. 600 and not a bum in the lot. I found your great action figure photography and stayed for the comradeship. I like the way you display your passions and you will always have a fan at the Cave of Cool.