Sunday, May 25, 2014


Continued from my last post on the Four Horsemen resurrection of  Mel Birnkrant's Outer Space Men line, Orbitron, Man From Uranus has the kind of Atomic Age feel this line typifies, and is pretty much the Metalunan from This Island Earth. The pink and metallic copper color combo stands apart from my other Outer Space Men and reinforces the pop-retro appeal of these figures. His slender buck makes him a natural companion to Gamma-X for parts swapping, utilizing the Glyos joints system these figures are outfitted with.

This shorter 3 1/4" Outer Space Man offers offers yet more anatomical variety among the aliens in this line, and comes with one of the best accessories, a third, domed head at the end of a staff! More of a "Little Green Man" character type than the other aliens I've shown so far, the possibilities of head swapping are of course twice as interesting. Like a  few of the others , Gemini came with extra arms bent at the elbow. Again, any action figure with a a domed helmet like this appeals to me generally speaking...

The Giant From Beyond the Milky Way is larger than the others at 5", and is pleasingly hefty in my hand with an overall quality feel. The color combination may be my favorite among these- wildly contrasting. pop-retro in feel with the metallic gold and teal, and translucent orange accessories. Cyclops' rayguns can be holsters, and his single red seen through the visor in his gold helmet.

Colossus Rex
The final Outer Space Man, hailing from Jupiter, is another larger buck among this line, making him a good parts swapping companion to Cyclops. This warlord type character sports scales and carries a triton, giving him a nautical feel. Colossus Rex also comes with a shield and mace in the same translucent purple his triton is cast in. Like Cyclops, Rex has some outstanding metallic paint apps that dazzle the eye, and his heft makes him feel substantial.

The variety of characters and great quality of these, combined with playability due to the interchangeable parts using the Glyos system, make this line a homerun. I was lucky to get most of these at a discounted price at the StoreHorsemen website, but most of them are generally reasonable in price, the larger, more "deluxe" figures like Colossus and Cyclops costing more. I felt this grouping had some great variety and features, so I'm really happy with my purchase!

More Later- Make It FUN!

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  1. All very wonderful Super-D congrats on them buddy. : )