Friday, July 11, 2014

Imaginext Ninja 2-pack

I most often go for the DC Imaginext characters, but have ventured further into Fisher Price's blind bag series figures that weren't comics related and loved them too! This ninja 2-pack was on sale at Target a few weeks ago, and having passed on them once, I couldn't for a second time. The set is loaded with great accessories, and the red outfits reminded me of The Hand ninja clan that caused Daredevil and Wolverine so much trouble over the years...

Included with these ninjas are a pair of sai, a ninjato sword, a bow and arrow, a pole axe, and a sort of chain whip that may be a nod to the kusari-gama. Armed to the teeth! Twin slots are molded onto the backs of their torso overlays to carry these weapons, which securely hold them in place...

I love the sculpt on the ninja's overlays, and the fierce expressions on their tiny faces! They have the typical Imaginext articulation: wrist and neck swivels, hinge-swivel shoulders, and U-hinged legs...

Their torso overlay/hood can be removed to maximize their articulation...

Now it's time to play! Who better to pit these deadly assassins against than the Imaginext Batman I picked up this spring...!

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Batman is smiling because he beat them so easily...

  2. Cool! Batman needed some practice.

  3. Love these Super-D! Can't go wrong with Ninjas right?

  4. That last pic is hilarious !! Even with oversize weapons, the Red Ninjas are no match for the Bat !!

  5. Very Cobra like. I picked up one of your red steel plastic building sets, they are fun!

  6. I was going to say that Ninjas kick a#$, but after further deliberation, It seems like Batman is the real a#$ kicker her ;)