Friday, June 13, 2014

DC Imaginext Batman, Scarecrow & Poison Ivy

I have a hard time passing up any DC Imaginext characters- Fisher-Price tickled my fancy back in April with Brainiac, Martian Manhunter and Plastic Man so much that not long ago I hunted down some of their blind bag series figures that weren't even DC related... and loved them too! 

Scarecrow and Poison Ivy are the real items of interest in this post, being totally new characters from Fisher-Price, who delivered on design and sculpt on these two. Neither are a particular favorite from Batman's gallery of rogues, but Fisher-Price's unique take on these two DC villains is plainly admirable... 

Scarecrow's tattered outfit has so much detail, including holes in his patchwork cape, and ribbons of tattered pants running down the legs. Fisher-Price thoughtfully included a scythe the figure can hold with both hands. And there's more paint apps here than a lot of recent 6" Mattel figures, some of the patches in his chest subtly toned in green and purple-red, and dark washes over the entirety of the figure to pronounce all the great detail. Really nice! While Scarecrow may not be at the top of my villain favorites, he is a perfect nemesis for the Dark Knight, both using fear as a weapon against their adversaries and one another.

Poison Ivy rivals here partner in crime with her fantastic deco- a highly detailed sculpt in the boots and bodice, and ivied tattoos down the limbs. Her neatly painted face also has ivy accents beneath her eyes, and contrasting red hair frames her cute little face- she's delightful to behold! Her vine staff is crooked near the top to help her handle with both hands, and topped with a large bud. It's nice to see another female among my Imaginext collection, something I think most all of us can agree we'd like to see more of in the future!

I found this single carded Batman at Big Lots a month or so before finding the Scarecrow/Poison Ivy 2-pack at Target, of interest to me due to his more traditional deco. I have a couple other Imaginext Batman figures, both all-black, but I compulsively picked this one up for five bucks- a comparatively great value considering I got the 2-pack for under eight, though he does have three nice accessories that save the deal. This figure and his accessories were originally packaged as a Target exclusive awhile back, both of which list for an unusually high number on eBay, so I guess he's more desirable that the all-black Bats selling in lots of ten or more from several sellers.

...with my coveted, all-black "1989" Imaginext Batman, which also ended up in my last post on the DC Multiverse "Keaton" Batman...

As I said, Batman's accessories add a lot- armed with two giant batarangs and a grapple hook, things seem more exciting! Likely contrary to some collectors, I love that Fisher-Price cast them in red, I only would have made the grapple clamp onto the figure's arm for a more convincing look, though he grips it well enough...

Now it's time to play...

Robin swoops in on his cycle for the assist...!

My personal Batman gallery of rogues has grown since I picked up Joker, Penguin, and Mr. Freeze back in 2011! Scarecrow and Poison Ivy also join ranks with Catwoman and Croc...

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. I love that Scarecrow! So awesome looking.

  2. Great pictures as always. And I agree, that Poison Ivy and Scarecrow set is a true gem of a pair!

  3. Great idea putting the real plant in there!

  4. Very cool! Hopefully we'll find Scarecrow and Ivy around here soon.

  5. Very nice, I have got to pick some of these up now!

  6. I kinda wanna collect these now...