Sunday, August 28, 2016

Marvel Legends 12in. Iron Man

For awhile I think I knew I would buy this Iron Man, and after watching some YouTube reviews and seeing him on the shelves, I found a better price online and bit the bullet on him. I liked the Capt. America and Spider-Man, but ol' Shellhead was the one that interested me most. I have a respectable Iron Man collection, but it's mostly limited to MiniMates, Legos, and 3.75" and  6" action figures. I loved the movies and how it brought this great character to the forefront of the Marvel cinematic universe. I became obsessed with the character and have fond memories of  this time, my interest in comics renewed and this blog started. Check out my video:

For comparison, my 9" ToyBiz Famous Covers Series Iron Man, one of my favorite toys in my collection that also sports a Tony Stark head. I must say, the new 12" is now also top of the list among my most beloved Iron Man figures. Fun!

This post and video are dedicated to Glenn Webb, the best action figure YouTuber I've found out there- we will all miss your informative and hilarious videos and amazing custom figures. The purchase of this Legends Iron Man in this post was decided upon after watching one of Glenn's videos, in fact.  I didn't know you as some who mourn your passing, but the action figure community will be a little duller without you. Godspeed.

More Later- Make It FUN!

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  1. Wow! This one looks awesome! Hope that it will be release here.