Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Batman v Superman Mighty Minis

Ha to grab a few more of these 2" DC Mighty Minis before they're all gone! I was on the lookout for a Superman & Wonder Woman, and picked up an Aquaman and Batman while I was there...

Batman v Superman Series 1 Mighty Minis Superman:

Batman v Superman Series 2 Mighty Minis Batman:

Batman v Superman Series 2 Mighty Minis Aquaman:

Aquaman with Batman Unlimited Series 1 Mighty Minis Flash, two of my favorites of these DC Mighty Minis. They both stand well, and have cool designs!

Batman v Superman Series 2 Mighty Minis Bronze Wonder Woman:

Bronze Wonder Woman with Batman v Superman Series 1 Gold Superman and Series 2 Silver Batman ... at last, the Trinity! I must say, I love having all these together!

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More Later- Make It FUN!