Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Batman Unlimited Series 1 Mighty Minis

I couldn't resist some more of these DC Mighty Minis! Perhaps it's the challenge of photographing these impossibly tiny 2" figures. I like their sculpt and stance, and they'll be fun to pose with other toys! 

Mighty Minis Cyborg:

Mighty Minis Cyborg with my Imaginext Cyborg and DC Collectibles Cyborg... 

Mighty Minis Batman Beyond:

Mighty Minis Batman Beyond with my POP! Batman Beyond and Batman Unlimited Bat-Mech...

Mighty Minis Flash:

Mighty Minis Flash with my DC Action League Flash and  Kid Robot Flash...

Mighty Minis Robin:

Mighty Minis Robin with my 6" Strike Shield Robin and 4" Tech Glider Robin...

Mighty Minis Green Arrow:

Mighty Minis Green Arrow with my DC Action League Green Arrow and Kid Robot Green Arrow...

Aside from Green Arrow being unarmed, I'm glad I went back for these- I'm particulary fond of the Batman Beyond's semi-translucent plastic. At $2.99, I paid less that the first few Mighty Minis I purchased- perhaps still a questionable value, but improved.

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More Later- Make It FUN!