Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Lego Series 17 Minifigures

The Butterfly Girl was high on my list of Series 17 Lego Minifigs, I'll admit- hardly a masculine choice, but she was too cute to be concerned with such matters! The colorful design imbedded in the clear wings, flower prints on the hairpiece and face, and bouquet accessory make this minifig extra special. Pictured below, the Butterfly girl mingles with her new friends from the Lego Fun in the Park People Pack I reviewed this past March...

I was surprised at how delighted I was with the Baker with her strawberry pie and whisk accessories- delightful! Maybe the small build from the Lego Blue Creativity Box could be the exterior of her small bakery- that's how we play with our toys at the Super-DuperToyBox   :)  Buy that Creativity Box at this link for best value!

I couldn't resist posing the '80s Yuppie minifig in front of the sole urban Lego structure in my collection, the Lego Store. The Lego Store was part of the larger Lego City Square (60097), and probably my favorite build to date!

I have a feeling '80s Yuppie is a little too casual for the Business Woman from my Lego Fun in the Park People Pack! Perhaps her prim appearance belies a fun gal who would like to meet a footloose guy like the Yuppie, however...

Last and likely least, the Strongman- not that he's a bad minifig, just low on my personal list. That said, the mustache attachment is nice, and I like the printed barbell. He doesn't really fit into my existing Lego collection thematically, but he's done well, if somewhat plain. While I really liked all these, I'll likely pursue more minifigs from this Wave 17 as some of the others that interested me more initially have yet to be found!

More Later- Make It FUN!


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