Monday, September 4, 2017

Hot Toys Artist Mix Avengers AOU Deluxe Set- Series 2

I'd coveted this Hot Toys Series 2 Artist Mix Avengers Age of Ultron Deluxe Set for some time, but recently found it at half price- a deal too good to pass on. Their bobble heads gave me mixed feelings initially, Japanese vinyl artist Touma's wonderful designs eventually washing away any objections I felt. You can buy these separately, but the more gray Savage Hulk and Iron Man XLV are exclusive to this set. The Series 1 Captain America I picked up separately just made it a more complete set of Avengers- I'm mad for these! Check out the video:

Below, I size comparison with a couple other toys I recently posted on, the 6" Jada Diecast Hulkbuster, and Hasbro 14.5" Marvel Legends Series Hulk, both characters that have their own sub-collections within the Super-DuperToyBox collection at large. Be sure to watch the videos for more pics!

More Later- Make It FUN!