Thursday, September 14, 2017

Marvel Legends Iron Skull

This Marvel Legends Iron Skull caught my eye some time ago- I found mine on eBay, without his alternative Red Skull head, but his Iron Skull mask interested me more really. This is a great character mashup I knew nothing of until seeing figures made after him- I'm mostly sure I have an Iron Skull Lego minifig somewhere in storage.

I found Iron Skull around the same time I bought Scourge, thinking they would be great sparring opponents, or just evil, skull-faced partners. It had been awhile since I'd picked up any marvel Legends, and I found these two unique enough on their own right as action figures.

Marvel Legends Iron Skull Vs. Stealth Strike Mark IV Iron Man!

Personally, I like the build of the Stealth Strike far better than the Mark 42 Iron Man body that Iron Skull is built on- aside from the shoulder armor that likes to pop off, the Stealth Strike Iron Man has sturdier joints due to his superiorly robust plastic. He also has interchangeable set of hands. Iron Skull's armor isn't accurate, but his paint looks good, and I loved the Iron Man helmet painted over with a Red Skull design.

Iron Skull and Stealth Strike Mark Iron Man with Marvel Avengers Battle-Damaged Iron Man...

And because I'm having so much fun, Marvel Legends Iron Skull Vs. 14.5" Legends Series Hulk!

More Later- Make It FUN!

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