Monday, October 9, 2017

DC Multiverse 12in. Wonder Woman

I can't believe I bought this DC Multiverse 12in. Wonder Woman, but I was so taken by actress Gal Gadot after seeing the new Wonder Woman  film, and Mattel's presentation here was so good that I hunted one down, paying a discounted price on Amazon. I'd nearly bought the previous Batman v Superman version while on sale several months ago, and am glad I didn't, this one a noticeable improvement, particularly in the head sculpt. Check out the video:

I could have done with or without the sonic blasts and ricocheting bullet accessories, the latter I prefer, but Wonder Woman also comes with an extra pair of gripping hands, a coiled magic lasso, and sword. The sculpt detailing and paint are immaculate on this figure. The articulation in the arms is great, the legs leaving some to be desired, but I'm mostly okay with that- she stands upright well, and her accessories are dependent on those double-jointed elbows. All said, this is an exceptional 12" figure from Mattel, and a marked improvement over recent offerings- highly recommended! 

Of course I had to dig out my 12" DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman- as odd an experience it was buying a full-on dolly, the excellent redesign of the Amazon warrior for this line is undeniable. Also be sure to see my March 2017 post on the BootLego Wonder Woman minifig styled after this new DCEU design!

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