Saturday, November 4, 2017

Marvel Legends Titus BAF & Kid Nova

I didn't need every figure in the wave necessary, so I cut to the chase and got the remaining parts of him on eBay, most of which came in one slightly incomplete listing, supplementing with an arm I got from Drax, and the head from another seller. I was reading Marvel NOW! Nova in the summer of 2013, and seem to be in the minority regarding enthusiasm to Titus, as an action figure at least. I didn't stick with the title only in an effort to scale back my weekly purchases, but I liked the premise of Titus and the title character himself. This BAF measures in at approximately 7.75", and has some admirable heft.

The paint is nearly flawless if sparse, and most of the best articulation from modern Hasbro present. The bulk of the head is restrictive and Titus' elbows are single-hinged, but their range is useful enough. I thought he'd have a shin swivel, but that incised line appears to be immobile, perhaps a sculpted boot line from a reused part- this suits me fine as I've mixed feelings on shin swivels.

I enjoy pairings or small groupings when collecting, and found Kid Nova from the same series at an extremely discounted price w/o his BAF piece on eBay to go along with Titus. I liked their corresponding Nova Corps design elements, and contrasting size difference.

Sam Alexander Nova, son of Richard Rider Nova really was a great update to the Nova story, the character represented well here on a Marvel Legends youth buck. Again, a simple but effective outfit design I admire, and ample articulation. We did receive his A.I. bot accessory, which I love, but some blast extensions may have offered more- Sam can hardly hold it with his closed fists, and it won't stand upright alone.

This was a cool wave of Marvel Legends, but I'm cherry picking as usual. I'm in the midst of selling off a large portion of my collection anyway, and just don't need more to get rid of. I've acquired a few BAFs recently on eBay that I'll eventually show, preferring to spend money on what I really want rather than dozens of figures I have to sell later. If you have a mailing address in the continental U.S., be sure to check out my eBay clearance sale and see if there's something that interests you- new items going up every week!

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. I hate these BAF because I like them but will do what I have to do to get them. I still would love to have the Arim Zola who was a BAF but that gem is lost to me forever. Sigh. But your photos are fantastic as always, my brother.

    1. Thanks Cal! Yes, I hate having to cough up for a BAF on eBay, but will do it if necessary.