Saturday, March 10, 2018

Marvel Legends Thundra (Fearless Defenders 2015)

I picked up this Marvel Legends Thundra at half-price, though I'd admired her hanging on the pegs in 2015, and her variant, Valkyrie.Appearing first in Fantastic Four #129 (1972), Thundra originated from an alternate 23rd Century, where Earth is known as Femizonia, and ruled by a race of warrior women. More recently she's made a minor appearance in the short lived Fearless Defenders (2013), which I finally read this year after subscribing to Marvel Unlimited.

Misty Knight and Valkeryie are obvious choices for a Marvel Legends Fearless Defenders sub-series, but Dani Moonstar would have been a more relevant character choice than Thundra, having been a fleshed out character. Thundra was merely part of a larger group of heroines that came to the rescue in issue #6. That said, I appreciate the simplicity of this action figure, and her flashy outfit.

There are some neatly printed tampos throughout the figure, enabling Hasbro to reuse parts by simply repainting- they are consistent, so I'm fine with it. She has the same limited articulation that most female Marvel Legends have, the head particularly immobile due to the hair sculpt. The reverse swing position of her ball chain an be a challenge to pose, leaving me wishing Hasbro has put a wire through it. That said, I had fun posing her with it. I'd probably never paid full retail for this unless trying to complete the Hulkbuster BAF, but for half price she's fun.

Below, Thundra with fellow Fearless Defender, Misty Knight:

And finally, Thundra with Marvel Legends Ares, who appeared in Fearless Defenders
to battle his daughter Hippolyta for lordship over the Amazons...

More Later- Make It FUN!

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