Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Marvel Select Destroyer

I had to circle back for this one after discovering it for a reasonable price on the secondary market, the price skyrocketing a couple years here after it's release. The Marvel Select figures I prefer tend to be their larger characters, though I don't have many- they outsize their Marvel Legends counterparts, and usually have better paint. Marvel Select figures have improved articulation the last few years, and this 9" Destroyer is a good example of this with 18 points, which include hinge/swivel wrists, ankle rockers, and ball-jointed shoulder pads. Check out the video:

While accessories are few, they are the ones that count in a highly 
detailed alternate All-Father Odin headsculpt and 7" Odinsword.

Below, Destroyer with Marvel Select Hulk and Thanos, a couple of
favorite big figs that have been in my collection for years!

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. If I were to collect larger scaled Marvel figs,It would be Select.I've always liked they're designs.