Wednesday, October 14, 2020

MOTU Origins Teela & Evil-Lyn

 I actually passed on Teela and Evil-Lyn on more than just a couple occasions, as I didn't want to end up buying every one of the new Masters of the Universe Origins figures, but my nostalgia reached a fever pitch when the new Origins Castle Grayskull went up for preorder recently. I never had an Evil-Lyn back in the '80s, but I did have Teela. True to form, they both possess the same buck and sculpted details, but the facial portraits are unique and quite fantastic.

Like the Teela I had in my youth, Origins Teela has her cobra staff, head dress, and shield. While dimple in paint deco, I like the added color on her bootstraps, and her facial portrait is softly beautiful. While the added articulation on these figures makes for better posing, the females have a somewhat jarring edge at the knees. Still, Mattel didn't stray far from Teela's '82 release, the Origins Teela is very similar!

Above, Teela takes the saddle atop Battle Cat, He-Man alongside, 
and below, Teela with her adoptive father Duncan, Man-At-Arms...

I didn't have Evil-Lyn in my childhood, but felt obligated to pick up the Origins version to complement Teela, and of course, my new Origins Skeletor. I do love her coloring, and as with Teela, this Origins reissue is very true to the '83 Evil-Lyn.

Above, Evil-Lyn summons my Mattel Clash of the Titans Kraken
and below with MOTU Origins partner, Skeletor...

While my interest in Evil-Lyn was a little less than Teela. I'm glad I picked up both, completing my collection of the first wave of the Origins line. I look forward to adding more from future waves, and posing them in the new Origins Castle Grayskull this spring! Read more about the original Masters of the Universe line at the Battle Ram Blog!

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  1. Nice pictures! I love Evil-Lyn commanding the Kraken (though that's technically in Mer-Man's domain, I believe).