Monday, November 11, 2019

Marvel Legends Avengers Endgame Iron Man Mark LXXXV

While uncertain how interested I am in the Lebowski Thor BAF for this wave, I did find the Iron Man Mark LXXXV I wanted on a peg at retail last week. Frankly, the Endgame Power Gauntlet accessory included that goes with the Smart Hulk BAF interested me more. Regardless, the deco on this Mark LXXXV is beautifully metallic in finish, and the fine armor sculpt details are fantastic.

We get four repulsor blasts with this figure, which is nice, but also repulsor blast hands that are hinged, unlike what we've been getting with our Iron Man figures for some time now. I've sold most all the original Iron Man and Iron Man 2 figures, yet I keep buying new Iron Man figures. A Marvel character who was once B, maybe C Level in now transformed into a top tier property by actor Robert Downey Jr,'s portrayal in the Iron Man and Avengers movies.

Below, Mark LXXXV with my Mark XLII Iron Man 3 figure, and again with the 80 Year Anniversary Classic Iron Man. Interesting how much the latest Mark LXXXV has in common with the Classic armor...

Below, Iron Man with some of his Avengers teammates, 

More Later- Make It FUN!

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