Sunday, January 5, 2020

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Demogoblin BAF Wave

I've only bought a two or three other entire waves of Marvel Legends in my years of collecting, prefering to cherry pick what characters I was interested in, and occasionally buying the BAF on the secondary market if the price was right. This Spider-Man Hobgoblin Wave just too many cool figures to pass on however, even if two or three of the characters were unfamiliar to me, The Shang-Chi is just a cool martial arts figure on his own merit, and White Rabbit to unique to not appreciate. I have the Spider-Man Special Edt. PS4, so the Gamerverse figures were of interest to me, but had not heard of Superior Octopus, whose slick design looks fantastic. All these rounded out with a classic comic-based Vulture, and it's a solid wave in my humble opinion. Check out the video:

Of honorable mention, above: Vulture with my 2016 Spider-Man Homecoming Vulture BAF.
Below: the Demogoblin BAF with my 2015 Hobgoblin BAF...

More Later- Make It FUN!

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