Thursday, July 30, 2020

Marvel Legends Magneto (2018 Apocalypse BAF Wave)

This modern version of the Marvel Legends Magneto was from the 2018 Apocalypse, inspired by the character's look from Uncanny X-Men Vol. 4 (Marvel, 2016), and drew some criticism from collectors who wanted an updated classic Magneto. I picked him up loose for cheap on eBay, won over by the unhelmeted portrait featuring Magneto's white mane of hair. Also included were a translucent pair of hands and lighting effects accessories.

For whatever reason, I never posted photos of this figure on the Super-DuperToyBox, circling back here to do so while doing a post on the Hasbro Power Rangers Goldar. While highlighting links to other figures included in that post, I realized I'd never posted about Magneto on the blog. While the 10" Toybiz Marvel Famous Covers Magneto is my all-time favorite, I do like this figure- in spite of the initial disappointment in his 2018 release, Magneto has become somewhat desirable by collectors more recently.

I won't go into a great deal more regarding this figure, as I originally picked him up to complement future posts on Marvel Legends X-Men figures. No disrespect to this great Marvel character, but he serve's his secondary purpose in my Marvel Legends collection fine. While not what would be considered a fan's pick, there's a lot to like here. Later on, Hasbro released a classic Magneto in a 3-pk with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver that looked nice enough, but my interest in the other figures was peripheral at best. Hence, this is the Magneto in my Marvel Legends collection...

More Later- Make It FUN!

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