Saturday, December 12, 2020

Marvel Legends Deadpool, Gwenpool, Back In Black Deadpool, Venom Space Knight

I've had these boxed in my collection for the last three years or so, around when I took interest in Marvel Legends again. The brand was well into an upward trajectory that time, which has again hit another plateau of greatness in paint/sculpt quality, accessories, fan favorite characters, like every year for the last four or five years. In anticipation of the forthcoming Marvel Legends Venompool BAF Wave, I though I'd crack open these three figures related in theme by one or two aspects.

This highly treasured Deadpool didn't come with any of the Juggernaut BAF pieces, but was a stand alone packed with the most generous accessories arsenal of it's time. He's armed to the teeth! Deadpool is sporting the Bucky Cap buck, in it's fourth year of use here, and still in use today. We often lament the continued use of this torso, but it was revered upon it's first appearance in 2012, and it's because it's pretty good. He can reach for the katanas sheathed onto his back after all...

Deadpool also has a boot sheathed dagger, and a glut of five firearms, including an assault rifle, sub-machine gun, two holstered handguns, and a bazooka capped with a boxing glove! Incredible! 

I like the pairing of this Deadpool with my Marvel Legends classic Cable, two characters I really got into when I got into when reading X-Force about eight years ago. I'd missed this over-the-top era of comics, having moved onto college in the early '90s.

The more recent X-Force/Sasquatch BAF 1st Appearance Deadpool released in 2018 was also a stand-alone figure w/o a BAF part. He was a very popular figure with fantastic articulation, but no firearms, true to his inaugural appearance in New Mutants #98. There were two Deadpool released in this wave, the other a repaint of this X-Men/Juggernaut BAF in X-Force black and gray, as well as the Cable figure above.

When they released Gwenpool with the  Spider-Man/Lizard BAF Wave in 2018, I thought she'd be hard to get, but she was everywhere! I've wanted to open her since, and she did not disappoint. I felt at this point we were really starting to get nearly import quality upon her solicitation with a fantastic paint deco, sculpt, and accessories.

Below, Gwenpool with another interdimensional Marvel character, Spider-Gwen...

And in the spirit of total wackiness, Gwenpool takes a selfie with my Marvel Legends White Rabbit, who oddly pairs well with her, due in large part to her color scheme: they seem like they'd be friends... 

This Gamestop Exclusive Back in Black Deadpool is based on a story by writer Cullen Bunn, on the premise that the alien symbiote that paired up with Spider-Man in 1984's Secret Wars was first drawn to Deadpool, coming back to Deadpool after Peter Parker's rejection. He went on to become Venom, but not before going adventuring with Wade Wilson!

I'm going to stop here and insert another related figure from my collection I've not yet shown on this blog, the Marvel Legends Venom Space Knight BAF I bought on eBay about three years ago. I had read about this character in the comics just a couple years prior, and loved this version of Venom, especially teamed up with the Guardians of the Galaxy! These two pair nicely, and I purposely sought them out with this intent. Fast forward just a few years later and there is so much Venom stuff out now! 

Below, Back in Black Deadpool with my Marvel Legends Ben Reilly Spider-Man
who also included Carnage head and hands accessories...

I'm really happy with these figures, especially Deadpool and Gwenpool- the sculpt, paint, and accessories certainly reflected an accelerated effort to compete with an exponentially growing import market. Sometimes it takes awhile to get through some figures; I have s specific process, as opposed to just ripping open a figure, which time from my busy life doesn't always allow for. I have resolved to doing some multi-figure reviews to get more of them open in the coming new year, we'll see how that goes. In the mean time, I plan on getting some more posts out in the next couple weeks- stayed tuned!

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Good looking figures. Especially Deadpool. I saw these in the stores and didn't pull the trigger. Really wish I had grabbed that Deadpool. The grandsons would have loved it. Good review.

    1. ...thanx 4 reading, Bulldog! I paid a little more for after-market price on that Deadpool, but not too crazy. He's great!