Monday, August 2, 2021

MOTU Origins Prince Adam Sky Sled ...Again!

I bought this MOTU Origins Prince Adam Sky Sled set this past January, but when I saw then go on sale at a local Target for fifteen bucks, I couldn't pass on pick up a second to pair up for battle! Circle back and check out video in that post! While I liked getting Prince Adam with a Sky Sled, it seems like Mattel should release the Sky Sled alone in a smaller package at a more attractive price. MATTEL: Collectors Want More of These Vehicles.

A running change on this newer sample feature a smaller Power Sword handle that Prince Adam 
can grip better. While I didn't need the second figure, this update was a welcome surprise!

 Below, Trap Jaw and Skeletor attack on the Sky Sleds, customized with the interchangeable kick panels and head/hood ornaments. I loved this MOTU Origins vehicle, and hope Mattel will produce the Battle Ram Mobile Launcher that bolted onto our Sky Sled of 1982! I loved that piece as a kid, and I'm sure other MOTU Origins collectors would get behind these as well. This very well may be how we see the Sky Sled be re-released, only time will tell.

More Later- Make It FUN!

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