Monday, March 14, 2011

DCUC Wave 15 Martian Manhunter!

As some of you may know, I'm a big Martian Manhunter fan. As a child, I completely ignored this DC character for whatever reason, perhaps his thunder eclipsed by some of the more A-list heroes like Superman and  Batman. I never read the Justice League series as a kid, and J'onn had an on/off history with his own title, so he didn't get the kind of face-time some characters got. Last year I read DC: Final Frontier, which prominently featured the shape-shifting Martian, and I was hooked!

 Mattel also released a variant figure of Martian Manhunter featuring an alien head and shape-shift "blade arm", that left me underwhelmed- if they would have made him more alien, as  J'onn appears in his natural form, I would have sat up and paid attention. Get a closer look at the variant at D.C.Classics.Com.

J'onn didn't come with any accessories, but Mattel nailed his classic look- the sculpt is great, and he's a sturdy figure with plenty of articulation. When I opened a few DCUC's Amazon finally sent me in February, I decided to open this guy while I was at it. I've had him for a few months, and don't know why I didn't open him sooner- what a FUN toy! I scored the first eleven or twelve issues of Vol.2 of the Martian Manhunter title (Ostrander/Mandrake) on eBay recently, and am looking forward to reading for about my favorite hero!

Here's a shot of this DCUC alongside a couple other Martian Manhunter action figures by DC Direct that are in my collection, DC New Frontier Martian Manhunter and History of the DC Universe Martian Manhunter...

... and with a few other Martian Manhunter figures from my collection, including my 13" DC Direct and 9" Hasbro Martian Manhunter...

And finally, here is J'onn with a couple of my other DCUCs, Captain Marvel and Superman- what a team!

* Visual checklist & reviews of the DCUC line at DCClassics.Com!


  1. I can't explain why but I have always like the Manhunter. Over the years he has just become cooler and cooler. In 'New Frontier' he has the best scenes where he stayed up all night and morph copied all the characters he watched on TV like Bugs Bunny. But the coolest thing ever was when Batman put the Oreo Cookie on his coffin when he recently 'died'. WHO KNEW HE LIKED COOKIES?

  2. He DOES like cookies- Chocos, to be specific! From DC Wikia:
    "During the time when the Justice League first acquired an international charter, the Martian Manhunter developed a fondness for Chocos cookie snacks. Whenever he wasn't on monitor duty, or coordinating League functions, he was usually found munching on a bag of Chocos. At some indeterminate point in time, fellow JLI teammates Booster Gold and Blue Beetle decided to play a trick on J'onn. They stole his remaining supply of Chocos, and purchased the entire stock from every retail outlet throughout the city. Upon discovering that he was bereft of Chocos, J'onn threw a tantrum. His shape-shifting abilities raged out of control, and he began tearing up the city streets in desperate need of Chocos"

  3. Not sure if you've seen this yet:

  4. Ah, yes I have Iok! Fun! Will probably get one :)

  5. Technically J'onn likes Oreos, but there was a trademark issue.

    That picture of 5 J'onn's is just eerie!

  6. Super D i still have that Martian Manhunter i want to send to you soon just need a address from you buddy. : )

  7. Oh yeah, JBoy- shoot an email to colin {at} shawart {dot} com :) Thanx! Be sure to send your address so i can send sumthin' back :D

    Yes, Saranga "Chocos" were later retconned into the MM mythos, it's true :)