Monday, March 28, 2011

Total Armor Stealth Blast Rocket Batman

Now let's take a closer look at that Mattel Total Armor Stealth Blast Rocket Batman I scored yesterday.
I've been calling these five inch figures, but they're really about 4 3/4", by the way. I bought this one mostly for the color- that and I'd only seen about four or five of these in the immediate county, so I decided that if I wanted him, I'd better go ahead. I've gone back for one of these Brave & The Bold toys, only to find it already gone. And many of the stores around here have none- all the Iron Man & Spider-Man toys you can imagine, no DC *sigh*

"Black Manta is at his island hideout, concocting a plan to take over Atlantis.  Batman arrives on his Stealth Blast Rocket, transforms it into a mega blaster and joins forces with Aquaman to defeat the villain."  Yes, the mega blaster (laughs) fires a projectile, and that's cool. But I paid five more dollars for this guy than I did the Total Destruction Batman, and in my humble opinion, he's not nearly as cool. Total Destruction Batman is a deluxe figure, whereas Stealth Blast Rocket Batman is considered a playset. I'm not sorry I got him, but I'd recommend you save your bucks for the deluxe figures that have just as much play value and essentially the same amount of accessories.

Yes, Batman can carry the Stealth Blast Rocket on his back. Like any of us five inches tall, he has to lean into it a little...

Surf's Up!

I've heard some negative reaction to the hexagonal accessory slots on the limbs of these toys, but I doubt seriously that any child would find that unsightly on these cute, chunky toys. Children like to touch, manipulate, and play with toys- this is how they learn manual dexterity.They'll love them!

Stealth Blast Rocket Batman with Total Destruction Batman, Stealth Wing Batman, and Battle Sword Batman!

You'll be seeing more of these soon in The Super-DuperToyBox. They are FUN TOYS, and that's what I'm all about, Kids!


  1. i'm lovin' it :) Total Destruction Batman reminds me of STEEL (John Henry Irons) from the Superman stories.

  2. I don't have any of these figures, but they are very nice looking. The red chrome with the black looks sweet! And you can never go wrong with Batman!

  3. 4 Batmen already? Get some new characters Colin!

    TB&TB is a fun show with really fun toys.

    Oh, and check out the Action League line, one of my current favorites.

  4. oh there are other characters on the way- LOL! I like anything with "Action" in it :D

  5. did i ever say how much i love the photo shoots you do for each post? this one is a bit of a departure with a more sombre background...nice! do you light the figures with a lamp or is that natural light?

  6. Thanx Deborah! I'm most often using a couple lamps, one on each side. this one has metallic matboard in the background, which tends to light up from behind a little, too. different colors do different things alongside one another, and sometimes i just get lucky, but i am often consiously choosing the colors based on the color of the toy or it's package. it's not a very clinical look at these toys, but it's FUN, and i like how it makes them look like a comic book panel