Thursday, June 2, 2011

DC Action League: Batman Vs. Deathstroke!

I couldn't resist the third wave of these DC Action League 2-packs when I spotted them on Memorial Day after work! And when I first saw this Batman Vs. Deathstroke set online, I knew I'd get one! Too fun to pass up! I love Batman dressed all in black- like my pal Bubba, that identification came from seeing the 1989 Batman motion picture in high school. And Deathstroke was a well executed and welcome addition from Mattel- the shiny blue paint on his arms/abdomen and weaponary make him a standout in this fun series of action figures!

What remains a mystery is Batman being the only one to receive additional hinge joints in his shoulders, while the other characters only have 360 degree cut joints- Deathstroke in particular would have benefited from this additional articulation. Still, he is a fun toy and hard to leave alone on the desk!

Of course I knew my DCUC All-Star Deathstroke would offer a particularly FUN photographic oppurtunity...

And one for my California brother Bubba, whose enthusiasm and great sense of humor always give me a boost: DCUC All-Star Batman with Action League Batman  :D

Hmmm... looks like it's time for that long overdue "playdate" ...can't keep duking it out forever  :D

Toys Are FUN- PLAY With Them!


  1. I love the matching pose pics! Especially Deathstroke - you really nailed the pose with the DCUC figure. Fun stuff!!!

  2. Wish I had them in hand. Love the pics and colour backgrounds.

  3. I'm surprised they didn't rename him Owiestroke or something...