Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday Toy Shopping

Decided to run around town a little this morning & see if there was anything new on the pegs, and I'm glad I did...

*DC SuperFriends HeroWorld Green Lantern figure by Fisher-Price
I had never seen this out on the town... has it just been released?? There was a really cool Mr. Freeze as well, but the Batman, Joker & Penguin just didn't impress me. I found him at Toys 'R Us near those cute little Imaginext SuperFriends toys I love so much... This is a FUN TOY- projectiles & moving parts!

*Justice League Batman and Batman Beyond
What can I say?? I love the style of these figures and have several of them in a shoebox which I had out last night.... just playing with them  :D  They don't stand up very well, have limited articulation, and are grossly overpriced- but I love them. Once again that little tucked away Target up the street had some gems- I about fell over when I saw the Batman Beyond, and was doubly blessed to find the black & grey Batman. One of each on the pegs, and they weren't there a couple weeks ago when I scored the equally elusive JLU Green Arrow- Hooray!  Also saw the JLU Captain Atom & Red Tornado I want, but I'll wait...

And finally, what I really went out for: another large Pioneer display box for my 1:6 DC Direct Green Lantern Corps dolly! Of course I had another 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon...  Bitchin'!

Well, that was sure A LOT of FUN- I'm bushed!  I'll show you some other stuff tomorrow, so stay tuned!


  1. Always love it when you go shopping :) haha

  2. I see these Hero World figures at my Toys R Us all the time but i have never seen that Green Lantern one before so maybe he is indeed new.