Friday, July 8, 2011

Iron Man 2 Silver Centurion & Crimson Dynamo by Hasbro

Along with the pile of Iron Man toys I got this past Tuesday, I picked up Silver Centurion & Crimson Dynamo marked down to an unbelievable $1.75 each!  I absolutely love these two from the "Comic Series" of the Iron Man 2 line, which are beefier than the "Movie Series" Mark V Iron Man and "Concept Series" Fusion Armor Iron Man.

Iron Man's Silver Centurion armor first appeared in 1985, created to defeat Obadiah Stane (Iron Monger), who underhandedly overtook Tony Stark's business, and nearly killed him. While not a huge Iron Man fan in my youth, I remembered the armor from somewhere, and sure enough I found it in my copy of Five Fabulous Decades of the World's Greatest Comics: Marvel (1991, Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.)- a 287 page hardback full of Marvel history, stories, character profiles, art & memorabilia.  I love the artwork in it!
There have been several Crimson Dynamos throughout Marvel history, this action figure most closely resembling the fifth, Dmitri Bukharin, who's considered the definitive incarnation. A KGB member misled by the Russian Government, along with Titanium Man, into believing Iron Man was attacking innocent citizens. Betrayed by his leaders, Dmitri became a renegade from the KGB, befriending Iron Man and the Avengers- ultimately defending Iron Man & his assistant Pepper Potts from Norman Osborn during the Dark Reign series.

Both figures come with the same 3-part armor cards like the others in the series, that fit in the slotted tray on their bases, detailing different portions of the character's armor...

 Silver Centurion comes with the same hilarious looking repulsor blast made of translucent yellow rubber that the Guardsman from this series does  :D   Crimson Dynamo has a unique, purple repulsor blast that attaches to his head, making him appear as though it's firing from his eyes... 

Ooohh! One from the hip- right where it counts!  You know that had to hurt!

I've been really impressed with these little Iron Man 2 toys- they are not junk!  They have pretty good articulation, double jointed knees, and some have ball-jointed heads/necks. I've been finding them marked down at K-Mart, especially the Comic Series characters- ask if you aren't sure, K-Mart isn't that great at in-store advertising of their clearance pricing.

More Later! Keep It FUN!


  1. I stopped in my local K-Mart the other night but they had nothing Iron Man wise.

  2. Awesome finds! Hasbro are clearing out lots of stock this time of year an it seems it's happening everywhere in the world! Snaged me a few of these IM2 favorites even though I have them already! ;)