Thursday, July 14, 2011

Marvel Universe Skaar & World War Hulk

As I said in my last post, finding Skaar on the pegs where he wasn't just a few days ago after having won  this World War Hulk on eBay was a a double play worthy of note- almost too good to be true. It gets better by the minute over here, I swear  :D  These two are quite the father & son pairing- the sculpt and paint are so damn great on these rather large Marvel Universe figures... it's hard to believe they are going for the same price as their smaller counterparts- there is literally three times as much mass!

Skaar is the son of Hulk & Caiera, an extraterrestrial colonial to the planet Sakaar where she & the Hulk first met and subsequently battled prior to him becoming king. The planet was doomed ultimately, and Hulk's queen along with it- when he ran off to find those responsible, Skaar was born alone on the destroyed planet.

While my nephew loaned me his copy of  World War Hulks this past July 4th, I've not read the entire World War Hulk story arc- I merely enjoyed these Hulk figures dressed as barbarians, which seems quite natural to me. While I enjoy these as art objects, I am interested in learning more about, reading more of the story.

The articulation on these is exceptional: wrists, elbows, biceps, shoulders, midsection, hips, cut thighs, double-jointed knees, ankles, & ball jointed necks. Their shoulder harnesses, loincloths, & wrist gauntlets are separate pieces, as well. And these sculpts are unique. Needless to say, I've been having a ball with these today, and I highly recommend both. They are simply outstanding toys- Beautiful!

It's my understanding that Skaar initially wanted to kill Hulk for abandoning him. Upon arriving on Earth he engages Hulk, but is easily defeated...

Time for a group shot, I say!
A.) Hasbro Marvel Universe World War Hulk  B.) ToyBiz Marvel Legends First Appearance/Green Variant Hulk  C.) Marvel Essential Hulk, Vol.6  D.) ToyBiz Famous Covers Hulk  E.) Hasbro Marvel Universe Skaar  F.) Marvel Mini Heroes & Villains Hulk.  I actually have another ToyBiz Marvel Legends Series II Hulk with a white lab coat that I've never opened, as well  :D


  1. Sweet pics dude! Skaar looks super cool! I was only able to get WW Hulk at a toy show here a few months back. Hopefully I can find Skaar in the next one! Review Dr. Doom next please!!

  2. That Skaar figure does look cool... maybe another one for the ol' list.

  3. I just picked up Skaar myself! He's a beauty. Love that you found him on the pegs! :)

  4. He looks like a green Conan! I gotta get one of those!

  5. Reis, I knew that wouldn't get past you- I'd advise anyone to get these two- they are worth more than the eight bucks they retail for