Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Marvel Universe Spider-Man 2099

Like the House of M Spider-Man in my previous post, I was completely unaware of the Spider-Man 2099 story arc, involving geneticist Miguel O'Hara. Set in New York, 2099 A.D., O'Hara accidentally rewrites half his DNA in the genetic code of an arachnid in attempt to recreate the powers of the original Spider-Man in his test subjects. While his powers differ in some ways than the original Spider-Man, he becomes the Spider-Man of the future. This interests me greatly!

I spotted this guy online some time ago, before my interest in 3 3/4" figures consumed my soul blossomed. He's old news to many of you I'm sure, but I'm fascinated with him- I usually like it when they give a character a new costume, and this one looks killer! He has a webbed air foil on his back, giving the character ability to glide the long distances between the larger buildings of the future New York. 

I really like the contrast of red detail & chest emblem against his midnight blue body suit, which has a subtle metallic finish, fading to black at the biceps, hands & thighs. Very menacing!

The figure comes with a web-shooter accessory that fits on the figure's arm, like the House of M Spider-Man... I love this outfit  :) I'm a little surprised Hasbro would produce a figure of a character that enjoyed publication mostly in the 90's, though I understand he was revisited a couple years ago. I will be hunting down some reading material!

While I don't own a larger version of this character to play BIG TOY/little toy, I do have a six inch version of Spidey in his black outfit- another reimaging of the character I really enjoy...

*5" Spider-Man 2099 action figure by ToyBiz (1996) at Figure Realm!
*6" Hasbro Spider-Man 2099 from the Origins series!

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  1. I wish they would do a figure of the cartoon version of Spider-Man Unlimited. Which was a short lived cartoon on Fox.