Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mission Masters Mountain Pursuit Batman

I'm not exactly sure where this strange, green Batman came from- he was found loose in an old tote of toys I decided to sell, but in whatever lack of enthusiasm I had for him before was replaced with a curiosity now. It looked familiar to me upon rediscovering it because I had just bought Kenner & Hasbro Mission Masters Glider Strike & Knight Assault Batman toys from the same New Adventures series just this past May! So I did some hunting and found it was a Mission Masters 3 Mountain Pursuit Batman.  All the multicolored Batman figures from the animated TV show that used to bore me now amuse me for some odd reason. Variations on a favorite theme, I guess.

Initially appearing to be some type of scuba dive wetsuit, it soon became apparent that it was in fact rappelling gear strapped to his left shoulder and chest. Mountain Pursuit Batman is equipped with a pick axe
and grapple gun, so that makes sense. The grapple gun on mine doesn't fire, but it sounds as though a spring might be encased within the barrel. Some of the other figures in this line share the hooked left hand sculpt.

I went stark raving mad for the Batman: The Brave & The Bold toys this year, which share a lot of similarities here: simple articulation, a cloth cape in this instance, somewhat ridiculously oversized accessories, and fun, exaggerated  characters. Like the Brave & The Bold toys, there are several outrageous incarnations of Batman throughout the Animated line, in an assortment of inappropriate colors.

Oddly enough, I happen to have THREE other Batman figures with green paint, so I guess that makes this a collection of sorts. This probably has a lot to do with my fasination/obsession with Batman as Green Lantern, and to the ever-elusive, highly valued DC Direct figure of the said character. Some day he will be mine. Until then, I present my burgeoning collection of Green Batmen:

Batman: The Brave & The Bold Deluxe Skyshot Batman, Mission Masters Mountain Pursuit Batman, EXP Camo Tech Batman, &  Justice League Unlimited Batman (Tech Suit Variant w/gas mask).

Like I've said before though, in this age of environmentalism, green is the new black!

*Database of Batman: The Animated Series toys at Legions of Gotham!

More Later- Keep It FUN!


  1. Wow! I've never seen this Batman before. Nice find.

  2. The Batman Green Team! Too cool Super-D.

  3. I've actually tried to track one of those down for the green photo assignment a few months back, ha ha. Still need to pick one up for the Animated Batman Collection.

    Isn't cool finding lost toys in the bottom of totes?

  4. This sculpt was re-released in one of the later four-packs in 'proper' Batman colors (and sand grapple gun) That's the one I have, and I have always though he was pretty cool for a variant Batman figure.

  5. I've never seen so many green Batmen before! They look awesome together, I must say! ;)

  6. Hey CB- lemmie know if you want to use this post on Batman: The Animated Toys Blog! Holla!