Thursday, October 20, 2011

Marvel Select Captain Marvel

Since I seem to be on a Captain Marvel kick here at the Super-DuperToyBox this week, I thought finally opening this Marvel Select Captain Marvel I bought over 10 months ago would be in order. These look so impressive in the packaging you almost hate to open them. They could easily have made the packaging smaller on these things- they're HUGE! I must say, however, that the art on the carton's right panel there really wowed me, and later I realized it was lifted directly from Captain Marvel: Secret Invasion, which I just read. Greatness!

Marvel Select are to Legends as DC Direct are to DC Universe Classics, in case you didn't know, meaning you won't get the range of articulation in a Marvel Select as you would a Marvel Legends. Marvel Select are basically articulated statues, the focus being sculpt, paint, and in Marvel Select's case a detailed, themed base for the figure on which to stand. Capt. Marvel here came with the same base as his Kree Soldier variant, a vertical stand of twisted, metal wreckage that looks really cool!

As I said, his articulation is simple: hinged ankles, knees, & elbows, a swivel-hinge head, cut-joint waist & wrists, and ball-socket hips & shoulders. While it all feels really solid, his left wrist wouldn't move, and when I gave it some muscle it must have snapped the connection down in the forearm. There was plenty of post left, so I just poured some Elmer's Glue-All down in the wrist in order to tighten up the swivel. It doesn't fall out, so I'm not going to permanently glue it right now.

The sculpt on this figure reminds me a lot of Classical Greek sculpture- proportionately realistic, but not as flowing as later Greek Hellenistic. A lot of these Marvel Select have that sort of posture- it looks good, though somewhat rigid. There's a black wash applied over the figure that is meant to add some depth to the sculpt, though it's really uneven up close in some areas, which is a shame. It's hard to see in my pictures, so I suppose it can't be that bad. A wash is really unpredictable like that, and has got to be difficult to apply to a figure! I've got to say, that as much as I am a fan of Captain Marvel's outfit, the Kree Soldier variant is superior due to his paint, if not the extra accessory/gun- which, as you can see, this Capt. Marvel's left hand is sculpted to hold!

And a shot with the Marvel Universe Captain Marvel I just reviewed- you know how much I love to play BIG TOY/little toy!   :D

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. I always found it funny that both DC and Marvel had a Captain Marvel, but Marvel wins since he has their name. DC's will always be Shazam to me.

  2. I picked this figure a few weeks ago and same thing happened to me with the wrist, er Captain Marvels wrists. The wrist movement was so tight while trying to turn it the hand broke off, I super glued it but then I did the exact same thing on the other hand. I don't leqrn lessons apparently. It's a beautiful figure, sculpt is amazing, paint job....mehhkay.