Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hasbro Wal-Mart Exclusive Avengers Recap

I know this makes the fifth post on the Hasbro Wal-Mart Exclusive Avengers, but kinda hot right now, and I had to give a group shot. And being taken to the movie by a couple pals for my birthday was so much fun! At $15.96 each, they're an okay value considering the great sculpts and articulation, but that adds up quick  :D  As stated before, I had not intended getting the whole set, but they were too cool to pass up.

Hawkeye and Captain America:  Cap was the only one I was going to hunt down originally, but Hawkeye may have trumped him with his amazing Jeremy Renner likeness and cool outfit...

Thor and Loki:  they both look very much like their movie likeness, but Hasbro went all out with Loki's layered outfit and removable helmet...

Hulk and Iron Man: Hasbro got even more mileage out of this Iron Man sculpt than most of us care to think about, but in their defense, he's a great looking action figure with good articulation. And the new battle damaged deco is great, but could have been more prevalent throughout the figure. The Hulk is so much fun due to his size- I love a big action figure! Yes, the Marvel Select Avengers Hulk beat this one on paint apps and size, but he worth getting too...

This is a fun set of action figures! Makes me wish I'd picked up those Nick Fury and Black Widow figures they released last year, too. I appreciate the included interlocking bases and their functionality. And Hasbro did a great job making the characters look like their movie counterparts. While Mattel's DC Universe Classics feel more solid to me in construction, they don't seem to have the individuality in sculpt that the Hasbro Legends figures do.

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Still want one of those Hulks and you just might have sold me on the Hawkeye figure now too.

  2. LOVE the group shot...the shadow effect is awesome!

  3. I can't find that Hulk anywhere :(