Sunday, August 5, 2012

Marvel Legends Modern Thor

I passed on this guy when Hasbro relaunched the 6" Marvel Legends in early 2012, and have been kicking myself for it ever since. Lo and behold, as I strode through Wal-Mart this morning, I stumbled upon Thor hanging from the pegs. Oh Glorious Day!  :D   Adding to the victory, and to my surprise, he scanned in at eleven bucks- not bad, not bad...

The packaging is splashy & fun looking, and I liked the artwork on Thor's better than the Captain Rogers and Hope Summers for whatever reason- it looks like the same artist to me. I'm still not a huge fan of the Legends logo. Inside the package is a killer Thor action figure!

Thor has the great articulation Marvel Legends is known for: ball and hinge shoulders & hips with a swivel at the top of the thigh, bicep swivel, double jointed knees, hinge-swivel elbows, a generous abdominal swivel, and swivel/hinge ankles & wrists. Thor has a ball-jointed neck with almost no range, but long hair usually limits the movement here anyway.

This is the costume designed by Oliver Coipel for Thor's title in 2007. Redefining the look of such an iconic character has been done with mixed results the past, but I really dig the scaled armor & toned-down colors on this outfit. The cape is really well sculpted with a lightly shadowed paint app- it hinders his shoulder movement somewhat, but it's manageable. The paint throughout is simple but pretty good- gold piping running down this dark blue chest armor and around the boot tops and ankle is neatly done, and the black wash in his scaled armor looks good. His enchanted hammer, Mjolnir also has a nice black wash, revealing the worn texture in it's metal head. He holds Mjolnir securely in his hand, but also has a slender strap built into his belt to carry it.

The sculpt on Thor's Nordic mug is excellent- there's a somewhat plastic sheen to it, but the color isn't bad. And whoever got under his furrowed brow with a tiny brush to paint those eyes is a master artist. His eyebrows are thick, subtly painted to match his golden locks which are sculpted in a wind-tossed fray, clamped under his winged silver helmet. So great!

Thor poses sturdily in a variety of heroic positions as he should, his shorter cape more easily accommodating crouched positions. Mine has sufficiently tight joints, and is a little less top heavy than my Lord of Asgard Thor. I would have appreciated a base, as he does have holes for a peg drilled into his heels, but he stands well enough. He's a hefty, fun action figure! He totally rocks!

Legends Thor with 6" Avengers Thor and Lord of Asgard Thor...

Legends Thor with Hasbro 3 3/4" Marvel Universe Thor...

I'd passed on the Marvel Select version of this Thor several times, hoping I'd get another chance at him when more stock was put out. I like Marvel Select, but couldn't get this Legends Thor off my mind after he slipped through my fingers. I think it's easy to see why.

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. I still prefer my Thor how he was when he was first created but hey....Good score!

  2. This is one of my favorite legends ever! Despite the lack of articulation, the paint and sculpt make him the best Heroic Age Thor out there.

  3. There is just some figures that you can't resist. Thor is one of those for me.

  4. A very nice figure, but my favorite is the extremis iron man.