Monday, November 5, 2012

10" Marvel Universe Capt. Marvel by ToyBiz

I know what you're thinking: "Was it even worth $4.99?" Not really, but luckily it was 30% off that, bringing this 10" Captain Marvel down to $3.63 after tax. I've been buying these big dumb ToyBiz figures from the 90's since I started this blog two years ago, and that's definitely the least I've paid for one. You can usually find them south of ten bucks- I can't promise they're a worthy investment. But In spite of their dodgy quality, and somewhat unspectacular construction, I'm amused and fascinated by these. They're like a really well done bootleg   :D

Mar-Vell is definitely one of the more slapped together looking of these: while the deco is tidy enough, the suit design clearly ignores the sculpted detail on the buck, most noticeably at the waist and boot tops. With no accessories (though it says on the box one is included), the Kree warrior is somewhat of a plain-Jane, even among other figures from this line, but I love the character and uniform. At that price I couldn't say no!

Like the rest of these 10" deluxe lines from ToyBiz, Marvel Universe, X-Men, or Spider-Man, Cap has very limited articulation and posing options. There's no lateral movement in any of the limbs, so any stability in poses other than standing upright is compromised. Still, I did get him to bust a move here... one move   :D

I'm pretty sure this is the same head sculpt as the ToyBiz Archangel I have from the X-Men line, which works fine for Captain Marvel. Like most action figure lines, these 10" deluxe reused parts for different characters throughout the line. As I said, the deco is pretty clean, with Mar-Vell's star chest insignia neatly stamped on his chest. The Nega-bands lack any sculptural detail, but are neatly painted in a metallic bronze around the wrists.

These are big, dumb toys that took easily manageable production efforts to produce cheaply, then sold at a price point low enough to lure you in with a big brightly colored box. They're junk. But that's kind of interesting to me- the artifacts of our pop culture, the tons of plastic stuff we produce, buy and sell. I wasn't paying attention to action figures much in the 90's, but would bet they sold a lot of these in spite of their purported clogging of the clearance aisle after it was over.

Time for BIG TOY/little toy: 10" ToyBiz Capt. Marvel with 7" Marvel Select Capt. Marvel and Harbro 3 3/4" Marvel Universe Capt. Marvel...

10" Capt. Marvel with fellow ToyBiz Marvel Universe action figures Spider-Man 2099 and Dr. Doom... 

And finally, from my childhood copy of the Marvel Universe Handbook of the Dead & Inactive (1984), Captain Marvel's lengthy posthumous profile. While knowledge of the character in my youth was limited, I always thought he looked cool, so catching up with him in my adulthood is entertaining.

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  1. This is fantastic! I'm hoping to see a Marvel Legends (Hasbro) version of Capt. Marvel.

  2. It's neat that they actually did one of the good Captain congrats on the score of this one Super-D.

  3. Isn't it funny how they gave the figure the Pat Broderick hairstyle--wonder why they didn't go with Jim Starlin's version? :)

  4. "These are big, dumb toys..." haha so true; and isn't it interesting how sometimes that's exactly what we want/need from a toy?

  5. They have move visual appeal than playability. I was lookin all over my Vulture from the same line and he's pretty weet.

  6. These are great Colin!I really prefer the shiny hard plastic look over some of the dull paint apps used on figures of today.The head sculpt on this one is similar to the '97 ToyBiz Wonder Man exclusive figure.