Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Amazing Spider-Man MiniMates

I picked these up last autumn, my recent MiniMates fascination at full tilt, and since my last ten posts have been Spider-Man related, now is as good a time as any to crack them open.  I enjoyed last summer's blockbuster movie by Columbia Pictures, and Diamond Select did a great job on this 2-pack of Peter Parker and his web-slinging alias. How they can emulate the look of an actor's face within the simplistic confines of the  MiniMates style is often impressive, and Diamond nailed it on the Peter Parker, which really has the look of actor Andrew Garfield.

Pete's hipster-chic wardrobe is accurately portrayed here, down to the finger-less gloves & sneakers. His nicely sculpted backpack is permanently attached at the shoulder of the figure's jacket overlay. The skateboard is a little small for the figure's chunky feet, but seems in scale- the peg helps keep him on it, but the headstand picture below took the steady hand of an experienced action figure poser!   :D

The Spider-Man MiniMate included all the right details associated with the recent movie costume, including metallic gold eyes and web-shooters under the wrists. I really liked the reinterpretation of Spidey's classic red & blue suit- it kept all the classic elements, but possessed a spindly twist that made him even more spider-like.

The Spider-Man came with an alternate Peter Parker head, sans glasses, sporting Garfield's mussed hair. Again, with few details, Diamond was able to portray the actor's visage...

Amazing Spider-Man MiniMate with my Ultimate/Miles Morales Spider-Man MiniMate...

More Later-Make It FUN!


  1. These are actually pretty nice Super-D and will you be getting any of the Battle Beasts MiniMates this year?

    1. Saw those! Probably won't get any as I'm up to me ears in MiniMates, but they were very cool!