Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Titan Hero Series Capt. America & Iron Patriot

I liked the last three Titan Hero Series action figures I picked up, and knew I'd come back for at least this patriotic pair. I wasn't really concerned about the lack of articulation, but fascinated with with their size and colors. I've said before that these appeal to me in the same way those 10" Deluxe Marvel Universe figures ToyBiz produced in the 90's. They're big, dumb action figures, and I love that   :D

The box construction on these Titan Hero figures is economically produced and attractive, made largely of a single piece of folded cardboard, four-color graphics on one side. I appreciate the paper ties holding the figure in place within the packaging, easily unwound without need for a blade. The box art is graphically punchy and colorful, with a large window on front to view toy, giving the large figure a deluxe feel.

Both of these had an accessory, Captain America with his mighty shield of course. I can pass on a Captain America if I'm feeling unsure about his outfit, as was the case with a couple recent Marvel Legends figures, but I think this slightly updated fit in classic Cap colors is really great- the reinforced jackboots, piping  through the uniform, and blue belt also remind me of  his Chris Evans/Avengers portrayal. And I don't care about stars on the shoulders as long as I get wings on the head!

Such as the case is with all these Titan Heroes, the paint detailing isn't carried around the back of the torso, the sculpted star on his back left nearly invisible on the field of blue. That's somewhat a shame as the outstanding sculpt is still there, but no small child will miss it, and mine will be on display face out. The shield is painted perfectly, it's concentric circles and star incised into the sculpt. Hasbro has the shield down pat, and has been delivering for some time on this accessory. 

Cap's shield fits snugly over the pouches on his gloves- a slot to fit onto his back would have been cool, ore better yet, straps, but this was a clever way to solve the problem without more parts. It holds best when his palms are toward his thighs, away from the bulge of his biceps. Well done, Hasbro. And aside from the swivel arms and legs, and ball-jointed head, Cap's extra point of articulation are rightly swivels at the glove tops, as he is a brawler. While some complain about the simple construction of these, kids will have fun with these, and I find them charming. They make a great display piece for any Marvel fan. I'd love to see more character released in this format when the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie drops, or maybe some more X-Men.

Like I said, I like wings on Cap's head more than I care about stars on the shoulders, which are in raised sculpt on this Titan Hero Cap, as the "A" and star on his forehead and chest. The great detailing in this figure continues on the incised stripes in the abdomen and piping throughout the chest and arms. The colors have the right shade- colorful, but not too bright, and his skin tone is semi-human, the eyes simply detailed in black, peering forward with steely determination. There's a little mold seaming visible, but otherwise it rocks!


I had a hard time choosing between Iron Patriot and Iron Man, but the former seemed to make sense as I was picking up Cap, and who could pass on the shoulder gun? Who am I kidding though- I'll pick up Iron Man on clearance soon enough, or when they release the forthcoming Titan Hero Thor! I love a variant as well, so this star-spangled version of Iron Man's armor is irresistible to me! I have a killer 6" Iron Man 3 Iron Patriot, and Concept Series Capt. America Armor Iron Man by Hasbro, so this giant will compliment my quickly growing armory...

Iron Patriot's shoulder-mounted artillery came bagged in two piece that interlock, the arm pegged at it's base to fit into two opposing holes in the shoulder blades. It can move side to side at the gun's base, but not vertically- it's hollow underneath, but the whole thing works. The are articulation is simple on these. Iron Patriot has a swivel at the wrists- appropriate for the outstretched repulsor hand. His leg movement is not as restricted in the rear by the sculpt of his buttocks as Cap's, and his ball-jointed head seems more expressive as well- a trait that adds a lot of value for myself. These action figures have no knee or elbow joints, so you are really limited in posing, but they look cool...

Iron Patriot's recent Iron Man 3 deco with the military-stenciled star never really did it for me before, but I appreciate it a little more. It's painted neatly, but due to the geography of Iron Patriot's armor and chest reactor it comes off looking uneven. Still, these Titan Heroes have simple, neat paint apps- mine are nearly flawless. Yes, at least some deco on the back would have been nice, but these are outstandingly clean.

The coloring is slightly different on this thematic pair, but they are still a natural fit. Iron Patriot has a blue closer to green than Capt. America, and his red a little more orange. While simple, they both have accessories, and are toys are made primarily for younger kids, the core of their target demographic. And hitting an attractive price point for the parent making the purchase is part of the goal for Hasbro. I quite like them!

Titan Hero Series Captain America with Wolverine, Hulk, and Spider-Man...!

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  1. I like the Captain and might consider pick one up of him but Spidey and Hulk are good too. I saw they have Star Wars and Transformers one of these too now.

  2. I know they are kinda a reversal in terms of articulation (compared to the Marvel Universe figures which have articulation up the ying yang) but I like the way these ones display in their packaging. And the price is certainly right. It feels good to pick one of these up...or two at the price of a Marvel Select. I know comparing these two lines is apples and oranges. Thanks for showcasing these figures.

  3. Hey. Sorry to bother you with this, but do you have thins figure to hand to measure the distance across the shield?
    Just the diameter edge to edge will be perfect if you are able.
    Thanks in advance!