Monday, June 20, 2011

Imaginext Croc, Groupshot

I neglected to give you a good look at the Imaginext Croc I got last month, and since I just posted about the Imaginext Batmobile & Catwoman w/cycle, we'll stop here and do so. The "Killer" was missing from Croc's moniker on this children's toy for obvious reasons, and as JBoy pointed out, there's hardly anything threatening about this little character... unless one should keel over from an overdose of extreme cuteness! And if he doesn't make you smile, you'd best check your pulse  :D

The figure is really different from the others- it could stand alone on it's own novelty unrelated to the DC Superfriends label, just an anthropomorphic gator in a fanboat. Killer Croc has been depicted many ways since his first DC Comics appearance in 1983- with/without tail, dinosaur-like head & feet/more human head & feet. Croc's "gator-boat" is a fun accessory- turn the dial on the engine's side and the fan on back spins, like on an airboat used for transportation in the Everglades. There aren't wheels on the underside of the boat, still it scoots around/maneuvers donuts easily on the smooth surface of my drawing table. He has the same swivel/hinge joint in his shoulders as the other Imaginext figures, though his head doesn't turn. His scaly texture runs up his arms and onto the entire back, as on his face. He's very simple, but at six bucks, also very affordable.

And now my favorite part: the group shot  :D   I've managed to really get a pile of these Imaginext guys, first taking interest because of my pal, The Bubbs- artist, toy expert, & father to many. As I said in my last post, cute kiddie toys were not necessarily my thing, though I soon became a big fan of their compact size, lower price point, economy of design, and playability. They are fun to play with like a toy should be!

Just the figures themselves: a.) Joker  b.) Croc c.) Mr. Freeze  d.) Penguin  e.) Batcycle Batman  f.) Batmobile Batman  g.) Robin  h.) Flash  i.) Green Lantern  j.) Hawkman  k.) Catwoman

Be a Good Kid- Go Play With Your Toys!


  1. Love this one he is so "Ninja Turtle" like lol.

  2. Those are just too CUTE for words :) absolutely LOVE the group shots!! GREAT scores Super-D

  3. I have
    Villains: The Joker,Riddle,Penguin,Mr. Freeze,Two Face.
    Heroes: Batman,Robin,Superman,SuperDog,Green Lantern,Flash,Hawkman.