Saturday, April 12, 2014

Imaginext Brainiac, Martian Manhunter & Plastic Man

I'd been on  the lookout for the Imaginext Martian Manhunter & Plastic Man 2-pack, when I unexpectedly found this cute little Brainiac with tentacles- I'm unsure if he's new with so much older stock reappearing in the last month, but he's new to me. The tentacles are pliable, a wire inside holding the position they are bent into- Fun! The pack from which they extend is removeable, and fits snugly over his shoulders & around the waist, a mechanical spinal column extending to the back of the head.

While the color scheme varies, somewhat in reverse, Imaginext Brainiac is very similar in design to the Mattel JLU Brainiac in several ways- the conical, collared head, studded belt & armbands, and striped boots...

I now have a trio of Superman's enemies, including Lex Luthor & Darkseid- I'm sure the Man of Steel will be fine...     :)

While on the subject of orphaned aliens, I was surprised & delighted to see an Imaginext Martian Manhunter this year, a favorite character of mine! Decked out in his New 52 gear, this 3" J'onn J'onzz has a torso piece that can be removed, revealing an alien torso, the sculpt in keeping with his bumpy/spiny forearms. I have a lot of Imaginext figures that seem like there's a joint at the neck, but the head doesn't move. J'onn shares this trait unfortunately, but this uncommon choice of hero is a delight to see. For a character so seemingly unknown to the general public, Martian Manhunter has had a surprisingly large number of action figures made in his likeness over the years.

Imaginext Martian Manhunter with my other New 52 styled Martian Manhunter by DC Collectibles, two wildly variant types of action figure...

Imaginext Martian Manhunter with Mattel DC Action League Martian Manhunter, another mini-action figure line I've collected- both simple, but dynamic and fun like a toy should be...

BubbaShelby informed me the Imaginext Plastic Man was a rubber figure, which makes sense and adds a unique novelty to this line of mini-figures, my only suggestion that he'd been more fun with wire in the limbs to hold bending poses.

Imaginext Plastic Man with Brave & The Bold Trap Hand Plastic Man and Happy Meal Plastic Man...

I'm a big fan of these cute mini-figures, and have a hard time resisting some of the other themes among the Imaginext line, that all have their own, extensive vehicles & playsets. I've passed on the new Justice League  Blue Beetle buggy set two or three times, but am unsure if I can again- too cool! Martian Manhunter & Plastic Man fit in nicely with this second bunch of DC Imaginext I've collected, don't you think? 

More Later-Make It FUN!


  1. Awesome!
    We just went to our local Target and they didn't have them.


  2. Never seen that Brainiac before and I dig the fact that they made Plastic Man a actual rubbery figure.

  3. Still cannot do it. Cute figures make me...puke teddy bears.

  4. Brainiac has been around for a few months now. I have passed since I'm not so into the Superman villains (although I will probably one day regret not getting him and Bizarro!)

    Glad to see you found Plas and MM! I still need to open mine!