Saturday, September 9, 2017

ToyBiz 10" Deluxe Cable (1994)

I featured this Cable on the Super-DuperToyBox in a Hey Mr. Postman installment from 2012, but didn't post enough adequately lit photos of the toy. Upon putting him up for auction on my eBay store, I realized my error in failing to properly document this fine example of '90s comics/action figure excess. He did make an appearance in my post on the ToyBiz 10" Polaris action figure, but I saw him with new eyes after unearthing him while reorganizing after a recent change in residence.

These deluxe format ToyBiz figures were an inexpensive way to wow consumers, large and colorful at an attractive price point, much like the Titan Hero format figures produced by Hasbro today. Cable has limited articulation- none in the head/neck- and despite his knee joints, he can barely stand any other way than straight up, knees locked. His proportions are severely exaggerated, much like the zeitgeist of the times and the comics written from this period. I'm excited to hear of Cable's forthcoming appearance in the Marvel cinematic universe! See my December 2016 post on the Funko POP! Cable and Marvel Mystery Mini Cable!

Below, my Toybiz 10" Beast with Cable, one of my favorite toys...

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  1. At least he didn't have the weird articulation of the 5" version, where the left arm could only swing up sideways, rather than front to back.

  2. 10"
    Never seen this one before, so cool.

  3. Love the size of the weapon he has there!

    Now that I think about it, I hardly ever come across the 10" ToyBiz figures, so that's extra interesting.