Monday, December 26, 2016

Funko X-Men Series POP! Cable & Marvel Mystery Minis Cable

Like Archangel, Cable was one of those Funko POP! X-Men bobble heads I felt strongly about getting based on my enthusiasm for the character and design. I went through a Cable phase starting around 2012 while going back to catch up on the X-Force title from '92. I was an instant fan, going on a burst of reading whatever else I could find featuring the character, including the X-Force/Cable Messiah War saga. The Marvel Mystery Minis Cable bobble head is a Gamestop exclusive I found on eBay, knowing he'd make a great BIG TOY/little toy pairing with the new POP! Cable- one of my favorite ways to collect!
Check out my video:

Below are a couple 1995 ToyBiz Cable figures in my collection:

Below, some of my more recent Funko bobble heads:  Funko X-Men Series POP! Archangel and Cable, and Marvel Mystery Minis Cable, Capt. Marvel, and She-Hulk:

More Later- Make It FUN!

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