Monday, December 15, 2014

NECA 7" 1989 Video Game Batman Figure

I somehow missed this NECA 7" Batman figure, freakishly painted in blue and purple to dodge character licensing stipulations under the guise as the 1989 Batman video game character. Several YouTube reviewers announced future plans to repaint him in black like the 1/4 scale figure also released by NECA, but I for one had no such machinations. You can get this figure in black with the 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray, but I actually appreciate this bizarrely colored rendition as an oddity among my collection. While I never played the video game, I was obsessed with Tim Burton's telling of Gotham's most famous vigilante, and was an unexpected fan of actor Michael Keaton's performance. The front of the box looks worn like the edges of a vintage Nintendo case, and the inside decorated like an 8-bit background from the game.

NECA Batman comes with extra hands to hold the grapple gun and batarang he comes with.

Batman has serviceable articulation, boasting over 25 points, and can do a few things with some patient posing. He can turn his head, unlike actor Michael Keaton in the real suit, though his chest emblem turns with it. He holds his very detailed grapple gun quite well...

Like his 1/4" scale counterpart, the attention to screen accuracy in the sculpt is pretty extensive- the armored shin guards, gauntlets, and cowl look very much like the movie outfit, and the facial sculpt resembles Keaton. The cape does not resemble the leathery texture seen in the movie, but it's a faithful representation otherwise... 

NECA Batman has a very detailed batarang that he struggles to get a grip on unfortunately. He has no abdominal crunch, but does hide a waist swivel beneath his belt. The shoulder and hip hinge/swivels have limited range, but the elbows and knees have hinge/swivel combos as well, and the ankle rocker joints help keep his feet flat when posed. Again, I know some would find this figure garish, and he may not bowl you over with his poseability, but I'm fascinated by him... 

In black and white, this figure looks like a still frame from the movie...

NECA Batman with the surprisingly great 4" Mattel Multiverse 1989 Batman...

NECA Batman looks right at home next to my DCUC All-Star Joker...

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  1. I need to find this one. I LOVED that video game!

  2. I really like the packaging of this figure!

  3. I love the rendition. I just saw this video game Batman a week ago at Toys R Us.

  4. Was going to get this one and I still might but if I can get a normal colored one then I will be the most happy.

  5. I'm almost surprised by how much I like this figure.

    On paper, I don't know that I'd have thought a purple and blue batman could be anything other than ridiculous, but seeing the photos I think it's a bit brilliant!