Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sideshow One Sixth Batman Comparison Photos

There was so much to talk about with the outstanding Sideshow One Sixth Batman I picked up recently that I wanted to do another post of comparison pictures with other 1:6 scale Batman figures in my collection...

Sideshow Batman probably has most in common with my DC Direct Deluxe Batman, in his modern/classic styling and short cowl ears. Categorizing  this DC Direct as 1:6 scale is a bit of a stretch as he's really 13", While the DC Direct version seemed a little clumsy after working with the Sideshow, it didn't diminish my appreciation for the former, which I got at at a great price back in 2011...

My first serious 1:6 figure, the DC Direct Batman Beyond, has more in common proportionally to Sideshow Batman. I like the slender body and articulation on this DC Direct- the head sculpt is truly bizarre, and looks very little like the clenched teeth visage we know as Terry McGinnis from the animated shows & comics, but he's plenty of fun and has a lot of visual appeal...

Just for fun since I've been on a Batman kick lately, a shot of Sideshow Batman with my 10" Kai Play Arts Arkham City Batman, who also came with a grapple gun/cable accessory- a feature I appreciate. While the Play Arts Batman had it's issues, it's extreme detail and hyper stylization are impressive...

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. That's a great looking figure. I'm particularly in awe of that cape. I always loved a good soft goods cape.

    On a related note, are you going to be picking up the new Mezco Dark Knight Returns Batman? It looks like it might be the definitive version as far as the 6" scale goes.

    1. the Mezco looks pretty great, doesn't it? :)

    2. Does it ever. I hear the price isn't too bad either. It just seems a little too nice for the type of collection I have, if that makes any sense.