Tuesday, June 10, 2014

DC Multiverse '89 Batman

I have fond memories seeing this new DC Multiverse Batman, modeled after actor Michael Keaton's portrayal in the 1989 motion picture Batman. Excitement was in the air outside the small town theatre on opening night, and Bat-mania was in full swing, our childhood hero vindicated on the silver screen in all his dark glory! It was a special time, recognized by action figure makers like NECA and Hot Toys most recently in their 1:4 and 1:6 scale releases, and now Mattel with this 4" DC Multiverse Batman. The variant features an unmasked Keaton, but I only found this cowled version, which suits me fine. I scored mine at Target for under ten bucks, which seems high, though I've seen asking prices well north of that on the internet. This demand further clarifies nostalgia for the film- a VHS copy of which I nearly wore out years after it's release.

I have to admit that Mattel nailed it on this- the sculpt is excellent, even at this scale. Further cementing the illusion is the scalloped cape cut from pleather fabric, emulating the character's thick, leathery cape in the movie. So thick is the pleather sewn over the shoulders in fact, that it can be positioned in a flowing pose behind the figure- just great! He includes a nicely detailed grapple gun that would have been better if made of more rigid plastic- too rubbery. There's not a lot of paint detail, which is mildly sloppy around the otherwise film accurate insignia on the figure's chest. I can't comment on the unmasked variant, but this one really looks like actor Michael Keaton to me from certain angles.

The articulation on this is limited to some degree, but serviceable- no bicep swivels, but swivels above the knees and DCUC styled hinge-swivel hips. The waist has a swivel above the belt, which is fine, but the figure could have been more expressive with a ball joint. That said, Keaton couldn't turn his head in that outfit, and would likely argue that the figure is no less articulated than he was on set.

Multiverse Batman with two other action figures inspired by the all-black '89 redeco of the legendary crime fighter, the 6" DCUC All-Star Batman and 2 1/2" Imaginext Batman...

While we're here together, an obligatory shot with my new Tonka, which complements Batman's wardrobe rather nicely, yes ...  :D

And to finally dispel the myth that Michael Keaton wasn't physically suitable to don the Dark Knight cowl, proof in a battle against Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow...

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. It is a must own figure for me. Gotta do a custom Batcave one day.

  2. $10 bucks is a great price compared to others i have seen for this one.

  3. Great figure! I'm gld you found him.

  4. Did he just beat the crap out of Storm Shadow AND Snake Eyes?

  5. I love the shots of Batman taking out Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes!

  6. GREAT pics! I have seen other, less flattering pics online. Paint apps, limited though they may be, seem to be hit or miss. You got a good one, it appears.

    I will probably nab this one if I find it around $10 - but I hear they are going for around $15 at Toys R Us - no way am I paying that much for him!

  7. Is 4 inches going to be the new standard size. I hope not. That kept me from collecting the original star wars figures. Hard to go from eight inch megoes or 12 inch joes with cloth costumes to smaller figures. I do have great memories of that first Batman film. I couldn't get enough.

  8. This remains my favorite version of Batman. If I can find him at $10, it will be an easy decision to make.

    Great photos as always!

  9. I have the unmasked version, which I'm keeping MIB, but when I get this version, holy hell, he's gonna look so good on that Turbojet Batwing...