Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Redakai Harrier

Out running around yesterday I found this odd-looking action figure on the pegs at Toys R' Us. I knew nothing of these action figures produced by Spinmaster. Redakai is an entertainment and gaming property that has produced an trading card game, animated TV show, and action figures. Their website explains the basis of their fantasy universe:

This is the REDAKAI universe, where good and evil are locked in an intense struggle for the same mysterious energy force: Kairu. In the hands of good, Kairu is a living force that guides the universe. But in the hands of evil, Kairu can be a destructive force unlike anything else. Those who learn to wield this energy become Kairu Warriors, and they aspire to join the ranks of the most powerful Kairu masters: The Redakai.

Honestly, I'm not a gamer and have no interest in the Redakai Universe- I quite simply found this toy appealing to the eye. It's somewhat hilarious, has an eye-catching color scheme, and while nothing new, an anthropomorphized, sword-weilding Eagle is bitchin'  :D

I like how they did this. He enjoys articulation in thighs, hips, wrists elbows, shoulders, neck. His wings can also be moved/positioned, held snugly & discreetly within the pegholes in Harrier's back- this works simply & effectively. Harrier is about 4" tall, his wingspan over 7" across when fully extended at the sides...

The chunky, exaggerated features of this toy really appeal to me, and almost any winged action figure is right up my alley. I'm impressed with the figure's articulation, particularly in his arms & hands, which render him very expressive with his sword. This guy loses points for a left leg that fell off it's peg joint immediately and several times thereafter, but he was a lot of fun to play around with & take pictures of.

Harrier with a favorite winged action figure in my collection, Falcon from the ToyBiz Famous Covers line...

I realized why Harrier seemed so familiar & appealing to me after I got home & started photographing him...
From left to right: JLU John Stewart Green Lantern, DCUC John Stewart Green Lantern, Harrier, Brave & The Bold Deluxe Skyshot Batman, JLU Tech Suit Batman (w/gasmask)

I'm really into Marvel & DC Comics, often making a beeline for those areas within any retail establishment I'm visiting. However, I love action figures in general, and I thought this toy had a lot of personality  :D

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  1. I have seen these at both Toys R Us and K-Mart and there are some really great designs on these. The one you have fits well with your Green Lanterns.

  2. K-Mart, huh? I'll be damned- I'll have to keep an eye peeled if there are any others this cool. He was ten bucks at TRU... wonder how much K-M charges...

  3. Wow. That sword would make a killer Lantern construct. Also, the figure is amazing.

  4. The scupting on this figure is amazing. I am in love with the color and the lines. I have to find this one now.

  5. I like this figure :) reminds me a little of the Egyptian Sun God, Ra

  6. Not for sure on K-mart's prices Super-D to be honest but i know i saw them there.

  7. I saw them at K-Mart a while back as well, and Toys R Us recently. I was tempted too, especially by this bird guy. Glad to see a review of him! Nice score!

  8. This one is gorgeous. I have a weakness for winged figures.